Contest by moderators Rule "New Year" 2016
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Thread: Contest by moderators Rule "New Year" 2016

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    Contest by moderators Rule "New Year" 2016

    The time of the contest
    Competition from the moderators of "New Year" will be able on real accounts from November 7 to December 24, 2016.
    Acceptance of applications for participation in the competition is operating until 5 December 2016.
    Only registered users on forums: and can take part in this contest.

    Terms of participation in the contest
    Verification of your Members Area.
    A nickname at the Company’s official Message Board, which is linked to your Members Area.
    To enter the competition you have a new account CopyFX must be open:

    • The role of CopyFX accounts - Trader on profit or Trader on commission;
    • The type of trading account - MT4 Pro-Cent;
    • Account currency - USD;
    • Leverage - in the range of participant;
    • Partner Code ID - forum.

    Initial deposit - 100 USD. All the money in the accounts participating in the contest are owned.
    Participant may be denied admission to the account without explanation. In this case, the participant can participate using their own funds.
    Any non-commercial operations (in\out) on participating in the competition are prohibited accounts.
    Sign up to your own offer is not prohibited.
    Trading platform — MetaTrader4.
    Create a thread in the applications section. The subject should be framed on the model.
    The trade can start after being moderated and the emergence of the comment threads on the admission to participation in competition.
    Admission threads participation is held on Mondays in the competition.
    Offer must be established before the start of trading.
    Objective: To show the highest rate of return (%) and the profit for the subscription to the offer (s).

    By the end of the contest all positions must be closed, pending orders are deleted.

    All the actions of the participant in the account should be commented on in the competition thread for the current trading day (server time). Also in the subject binding answers to users' questions.
    A description of each transaction shall be published in the contest thread in the following order:

    ticker currency pair,
    order number from the terminal,
    the volume of transactions,
    the entry point and the direction of the transaction (Buy / Sell),
    If used, the levels of Stop Loss and Take Profit,
    risk per trade in the deposit currency,
    screenshot graphics with levels of entry / stop loss / take profit

    Any change in the parameters of the transaction is to be published on the forum stating the reason.
    Summing up the week (publication no later than Sunday, the reporting week) must contain CopyFX service indicators:
    - profitability (%);
    - profit by subscription offer(s).

    From one participant in the competition at the same time accepted only one TS. Repeated application can be submitted on the condition of using personal funds participant.

    Close family members and affiliated persons are not allowed to register and participate in the same competition.
    The same IP-address (PC) can't be used by several participants.
    Participants, who break the contest rules, will be disqualified and will not have the right to claim any prize.

    Conditions to determine the contest winner
    Winners are determined by two indicators CopyFX service:
    - The highest rate of return (%);
    - The largest profit by subscription offer (s).
    The rest of the prizes are defined similarly. In summing up are taken into account only the account with funds level exceeding the initial deposit

    Prizes of the contest
    In each category:
    1st place — 1000 USD
    2nd place — 750 USD
    3rd place — 550 USD
    4th place — 400 USD
    5th place — 300 USD
    The prize is to be paid only after a winner after passes the verification procedure of their Members Area at the RoboForex Company.
    Prize Money is a bonus, which may be withdrawn only after all the requirements described below are fulfilled.
    The following types of RoboForex MT4, MT5, and CopyFX trading accounts are available to you for receiving your prize money: Fix-Cent, Pro-Cent, Fix-Standard, Pro-Standard.
    To receive the prize, you need to send ContestFX at the RoboForex message board a private message, specifying your account number.
    Before the requirements are fulfilled, you aren’t allowed to withdraw a sum which exceeds your Profit.
    If the bonus account is deposited with a client’s own funds, then in case of a negative balance on the account, our policy is that a client loses his own funds first.
    Once a StopOut takes place, Prize Money is written off the account.

    Additional terms
    The RoboForex Company reserves the right to:
    - use any information related to the prize accounts in advertising, publish it on the Company’s website and message board (in the media as well);
    - interview the winners of the competition;
    - check the adequacy of the participants’ registration information;
    - check the server logs and statements of contest accounts;
    - cancel the results (or recalculate the results of transactions) of the participant, who used non-market quotes in the competition (on the basis of technical statement issued by the Company’s Brokerage Department);
    - disqualify any participant with no advance notice or without giving any particular reason of disqualification, if the violation of the contest rules on the part of the participant is too obvious;
    - change the contest rules with an advance notice published on the Company’s website of message board;
    - to write off from the account the prize money given earlier and cancel all transactions made using these funds, without disclosing the reason.

    Your questions on the contest can be specified in this topic.

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    Contest by moderators Rule "New Year"


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    Svetlana Galkina

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    Oh ok, seems like this one is very interesting. And i would like to ask about profit by subscription offer. Is that means the profit from traders who invest in our trading account as investors or subscribed to our trading account? And then can i use my current copyfx that is active in my trading journals for this contest? Thanks! But my account is pro standard...

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    You need create new account for this contest. Funds to your account for the this contest will be presented by company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gulfstream View Post
    You need create new account for this contest. Funds to your account for the this contest will be presented by company.
    ah,, the funds will be bonus like? and can i withdraw the profit later?

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    wowthanks to roboforex another interesting contest-----------------------------

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    Quote Originally Posted by sekiryutei View Post
    ah,, the funds will be bonus like? and can i withdraw the profit later?
    No Sir this funds just for jut to participate in the contest.

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    My only question is, do this contest a free one or should I deposit my own fund to participate? Thanks.

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