how to trade in high volatility (NEWS TRADING)
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Thread: how to trade in high volatility (NEWS TRADING)

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    how to trade in high volatility (NEWS TRADING)

    what is news trading ?

    there are different typs of economics news like fomc (faderal open market committee) (Monetary Policy Statement)
    (BOE Inflation Report) etc,,, when they take some decision and changes there policies it create a major impact on
    particular currency pair it can increase the volatility in the market .

    trading forex ia a risky business as we are all know about it but when there is a high volatility in the market
    it makes it more and more risky and most of trader don't want to trade in news releases.

    but today i'm gonna show you a simple strategy that can help you in news trading .


    normally in major news (nfp or in fomc) market moves 80 to 100 pips in no time or more
    if market moves 100 pips then my this strategy can help you.

    1. first open tow trade with same lot size on same currency pair for example (1lot buy gbpusd 1lot sell)
    2. set stop loss 20 to 25 pips range on both position on sell and buy
    3. set take profit 80 to 90 pips range on both positions


    if market goes either direction you can still earn 60 to 70 pips profit


    1)this strategy only works in major news
    2)open trade just before the news release 30 sec or 1 minute before

    it may not always work but most of time i have earn some good money by using my this strategy.

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