Hi Everyone!

It's been a time since i have written any thread, so today allow me to let me introduce a different mindset here. I do hope you great conversation will make it more interesting , so let's get started.
So Story begins, we want to trade for what ? of course for the sake of the money and here guru mantra or let's say thousands old traders do told hey do practice OPEN demo account and bash it with the tons of profit ? i do know you can't resist to agree. But clearly i think we are fooling around our self , of course there is no exact data we can extract from anywhere, but for sure the number of noob trader even though those who done so CALLED practice they still lagging ! Lagging what , working from hand to mouth to just grab few pips profit , making a plan grab this much multiply by week and then 4 weeks HURRAH i would probably make SIX figures ($).
All seem to be set , but i don't tell here what noobs do experience in the END they lost more and there could be several reason behind it and i don't want to go into that dept cause i want to stay relevant with the SUBJECT, so where was the PRACTICE?

I mean to say if practice was certificate go and do real trading then why problem occur? Well i would say don't treat the Forex as the SPORTS.. What ? what i am saying SPORTS? Well yes sport , this is not sports as you assume , because sports are basically done with prior practice ? and same function in the practice has to be done in the real game right ?

Wow actually this is what happened in SPORTS - get the knowledge - use the playground - get tactics - now repeat it, but my dear fellows trading is different phoneme , it's not what you assume by practice.

I am not against the practice neither saying don't do it, of course i many times even suggest do practice but what i am trying to deliver is that don't expect practice replication in the real trading

Real trading is totally different thing at least quite different from Sports where only player influence while in trading , many things does affect on the market.

So here i am gonna close this subject from my perspective i just want to told go beyond the practice, Practice isn't key for the success.

Join discussion below and write down what's you think agree with me or not agree with me or rather any other thing you might want to add for others fellows