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Thread: Differentiate Practice VS Trading

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    There are two types of trading accounts that most online forex brokers offer their trading customers. One is live and the other is a demo account. In a demo or practice account, trader can trade without putting any money in risk. But they cannot gain any real money. In real account, trader have to put real money to trade.

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    The only issue that's troubling traders to fail with their practice and their real trading because during their practice, they didn't treat their demo account as their own funded account so they didn't take it seriously and easily forgetting things. We can tell ourself that we've bee practicing enough but the real experience usually comes straight from trading and loss is the proof of how we learn from market directly.
    Well said, people tend to less emphasize on the practicing part and jump to trading really quick. Practicing well on demo trading is very important.

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    Yeah, forex is not any get rich quick scheme. We have to devote out time,effort and money to it and the same time remain patient if we want to a successful trader.

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