First of all I would like to say that I am attached with this business since last 4 years and I I found roboforex one of the great forex broker as I am enjoying working with this great broker, I would like to share my last three months experience & activity:-
My Strategy during last three months:-
Honestly I am very conscious trader and I always use the small lot size and also set the take profit, I does not like to take the maximum risk and always accept the small profit which is my secret of profitable trade, I also use some signals provided by a website i.e., I also use some time Candle stick pattern + Bollinger band, so it is my trading strategy and due to this method / strategy my trading progress is pretty profitable and I have earned a lot of money with this strategy.
My total Earning during last three months in dollars:-
I am very much satisfied about my trading during last three months as I have earned a lot but I also face some terrible situation as well as market very tough to understand. I have earned beyond 250$ and I also attached some picture of my trading. You will be astonished that only 250$? So I would like to say that I am part time trader and I only take the risk which I can afford to lose, therefore I always try to rely on small profit.

Statement 1.jpgStatement 2.jpgStatement 3.jpg

Some interesting economic events:-
Forex is worldwide business and world economic events effect on forex and forex progress consist on these events, I would like to say that market pressure is seen as an argument for reform the better the outcome will be. USA is the big country of the world and Hillary and Trump presidential debate also make the forex interesting and economic as well during last three months.
My trading instruments:-
My instrument is my trading currency pair i.e. EUR/USD, USD/JPY, Roboforex spread and frequently asked question from online chat, MT4 Chart, overall I am satisfied with these instruments and I am earning a lot of money with these instruments during last three months.
At the end I would like to say that during last three months I have earned a lot of money and thanks Roboforex Broker and also thanks all the team of Roboforex Forum on such kind of great competition. I am also attaching my own picture.
Rizwan Aziz Picture.jpg