[lang=id]I am very grateful that Roboforex made this contest and i will give a small summary about my trading experience these last 3 months even if it is very bad. And there are a few things that i learnt from my positions in here and i will make a summary of my trading in roboforex not only from bonus account but also from a few real accounts.

My strategy in here is using Support and Resistance with a trend line following.
So, i draw a trend like just like this
eu contest.jpg
And as i have watched a very good momentum and then i will put all of my money to that trade.
Sad enough, i only trade twice and end up bankrupt
I bought EUR/USD around 1.118 and it just keep going down till i lost quite a lot.
And then i bought EUR/JPY around 115.34 and it goes down till i bankrupt.

And from here, i can only think that either i'm in bad luck or my risk management is not good enough.
The only thing i can confuse is that the fact where i patiently wait for the timing and price yet i still keep losing.
It is trully a sad experience. Hopefully all of you can learn from my mistake too!