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Thread: Guys, help me find Advisor, please.

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    A robot only knows as much as the programmer knows.
    A robot is limited in knowledge, is not dynamic, cannot adapt to the ever changing and volatile currency market and cannot interpret economical data or draw inference from financial news.
    Why bother or invest in robots, why not invest in acquiring the knowledge yourself.
    There is this confidence in trading that comes with you knowing what to do and when to do it.

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    Brother, do not believe these things easily. Learning and earning many experiences, you need to be an independent businessman, do not think that it is a robot or a trading system that can be successful only by purchasing a product, it will only waste your time. If you already know better if you can succeed in using a robot, then keep learning is important.
    Sorry if my words insult you, but this is reality.

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    if only the person who sold the robot and claimed that the robot could work well and could survive for a very long period of time why should it be sold, if indeed it was really good it could have made a lot of money for itself and he did not need to selling the robot to someone else, if he sells it, it can be a robot, the results are not too good

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    even if I have to use in future then I would like to create mine one because I don't like to depend upon other's trading strategy or robot. Even I still think that manual trading is better thant he robot trading

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    My friend expert advisors are good and can be one of the best thing happening to you if you bump into one of them but its also a little bit wrong to depend on the in all cost but to work in the right direc you need to understand how to put together the right ideas and then see what expert comes close to what you have in mind, I usually think expert eliminate fear and makes it easy for people to trade the market fast and easy but its important to understand your education on the market first to avoid making any mistakes.

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