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Thread: Guys, help me find Advisor, please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex75 View Post
    Guys, I am selling is now "new hope". Found on the Internet " tiwaz-ea ", before you buy it, please write who worked with him. it is better to new hope or not?
    Don't be easy to believe with this kind of program, unless you want to learn about the strategy implemented in those robot, don't buy robots and then immediately use them without being studied first, because all the strategies have advantages and disadvantages, therefore you should learn it first for understand what market conditions are suitable for installing the robot.

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    the trader that wants to get an informations about certain expert adviosr or indicator should search on the web about it and see what the traders say about it and so he will be able to get good idea about the expert advisor and see if it is good for trading or not and also suitable for his trading style or not and then he will know if he trades with it or not.

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    There are fraudster all over the world, trying their possible best to earn from where he or she do not sow, so a lot of people bring out false programs and expert advisor just to dupe people of their hard earned money. I believe there are reliable and accurate experts advisor in different sites, it's left for us to choose from the multitude and try to see how it might be effective.

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    logically. if someone has good robot for trading and so they can make good earning and will not sell their robot for a little money
    and also i have some experiences with many robot and almost of them just gave me some loses or one thing need to noted that we do not let itll work alone and drive it to control and anticipate from some condition. because robot is set for a condition only and can not follow the market time by time.
    but if you really interest and want to get the experiences and so there is no problem to try it
    there are tons of robot who is sold with varies price

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    personally speak i never believe on any stretrgy made by any one because stretgy will give you at last i work geneon and recommend you to work genion because it can give you long term profit and safe profit how ever stretchy will give you short term profit and long term loss i loss my account many time with some one else strategy :)

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    Traders should have a good experience and understanding about robots trading in the market, traders that thinks of experts advisors should search for good one in the web, I don't really see robots trading to be suitable for me to make use at all, I will prefer to trade manually than to think of robots trading in the sense that I don't really trust robots.

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    Bro, don't believe in this kind of thing easily. You have to be an independent trader by learning and making a lot of experience, don't think that you can succeed only by buying a product whether it's a robot or a trading system, it will only waste your time in vain. You can succeed in using robots if you already have good knowledge, so keeping learning is important.

    Sorry if my words offend you, but this is reality.
    If you lose, be patient. If you win, stay humble

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    I really do not advise you to use expert advisors because if it was really profitable you would not find it available for sale.
    however, you should ask the expert advisor owner and make him show you an account that proves the success of this expert advisor.

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    Before you bought any expert advisors, it's essential that you confirm how profitable that advisor might be, of course there are so many experts advisors that are for sale which turns out to be huge failure. Some experts advisors that we might come across are scams which are made available to lure our hard earned money. It's important that people should be extra careful and cautious of how to go about forex trade.

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    I think the robot is not good solution for you, if you do not have good idea about forex market and have idea about chart anaysis. Robot can not give cinsistence profit at all, it may give you good result for some times but when you do not have control for your trade then it don't be the better option for you in my opinion.

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