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    RAMM service News

    Dear Clients and Partners!

    We’re pleased to inform you that RoboForex, represented by RoboTrade Ltd, offers you an opportunity to trade on RAMM-accounts, a new development in the investment field on the Forex market. RAMM (Risk Allocation Management Model) is an investment model, which is based on the higher risk management and proportional allocation of profit between traders and investors.

    After opening a single RoboForex RAMM-account, you can work as both a Trader and an Investor and receive double profit!

    The platform for trading on RoboForex RAMM-accounts is available at:

    Features of the platform:

    • Opportunity to choose the maximum acceptable risk, which can not be exceeded in most cases
    • Unique mathematical model, which improves profitability of strategies based on the specified risks
    • Automatic calculation of the transaction volume helps you to determine the required volume of the transaction and, based on it, build a strategy

    Open a RAMM-account in just several steps: go to "Open RAMM-account" page of your Live Account and enter required information.

    You can learn more about the service on "RoboForex RAMM-accounts" page of our website.
    In the near future, RAMM-platform webinars will be available as well.
    Follow our news!
    Please note that right now the service is available to RoboTrade Ltd clients only.


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    RAMM service News

    Dear Clients and Partners!

    We’re pleased to inform you that the license No. 191/13* issued to RoboForex (CY) Ltd has been expanded – the following type of activity, "Portfolio Management", has been added. As a result, our clients now can use CopyFX and RAMM investment platforms. This innovation will allow traders to choose the most convenient and efficient way of investing money and get additional profit.

    The Company’s partners, attracting new clients for trading through CopyFX and RAMM platforms, are expected to receive more profit because of increased trading volumes on these accounts and thanks to attracting subscribers to their own strategies. What are qualitative changes of our investment platforms?

    Copy trading investment platform

    • One can trade as both a Trader and an Investor.
    • An Investor makes money by copying transaction of one or several Traders.
    • A Trader makes money by receiving commission for transactions copied by Investors.
    • An Investor is provided with unlimited access for managing his funds.
    • Investors and Traders can open cent and standard accounts and use the cross-copying system for mutually beneficial cooperation.

    Risk Allocation Management Model

    • One can trade as both a Trader and an Investor.
    • An Investor, using his RAMM account, copies strategies of one or several Traders.
    • A Trader creates trading strategies and can receive up to 50% of his Investors’ profit.
    • Users have an opportunity to set the maximum risk level, which can’t be exceeded in most cases.
    • Automated calculations of transactions volume helps to define the required transaction amount easily and, based on it, build a strategy.

    Both platforms are sure to help traders to open new investment horizons and get the most from trading on the Forex market, and partners to expand their affiliate networks and increase their profit from cooperation with RoboForex. Try trading on CopyFX and RAMM today!

    * - You can read more about the license in "RoboForex (CY) Ltd investment and ancillary services".


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    RAMM service News

    Dear Clients and Partners!

    We’re pleased to inform you that RoboForex is improving trading conditions for RAMM accounts. These improvements will expand your opportunities both for copying transactions and for providing your strategies for being copied by others.

    Improvement for RAMM accounts:

    The list of the trading instruments available for trading has been expanded

    The following currency pairs have been added to the ones already being traded:
    Stop & Limit levels have been completely cancelled

    From now on, you can place pending orders as close to the current market prices as your trading strategy requires.

    Please note that because of the trading conditions changes for RAMM accounts, starting May 23rd 2016 the USDZAR instrument will be no longer supported and available for trading.

    Join the RAMM system right now!

    Become an Investor, a Trader, or you can be both and, thanks to it, receive maximum benefits from the platform.

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    RAMM service News

    Dear Clients and Partners!

    We're pleased to inform you that starting May 24th 2016, there will be no overnight commission at all for RoboForex RAMM accounts.
    Receive the most possible profit from using the platform:

    • No swaps are charged for all trading instruments
    • No additional commissions and extra charges to spread

    This improvement may be relevant to those clients, whose trading strategies are very sensitive to swaps, and those, who are not allowed to trade or invest with swaps because of Sharia laws.

    Join the RAMM system right now!

    Period of the offer: 24.05 - 22.07.2016

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