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Thread: Swing trading Forex

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    Swing trading Forex

    Hi there!

    Tomorrow we will talk about Swing trading on currencies.

    Briefly - swing trading is a style designed for capturing medium-term movements, called "swings". Usual duration of position of swing trader is more than 1-3 days period, so this trading style suits those who can't be near monitor all the time, yet there are lots of nuances as well.

    Is it effective to add to your position or substract from it? What points are good for that?

    All questions we will cover on this webinar.

    Reserve your place here

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    Quote Originally Posted by D'mastermind View Post
    Well, I think the short term is the most popular which so many traders are making use of but only few are making money with it. Thing about trading is that the swing trading method seems to be the method that will make us money on the long term and so therefore need patience but traders who wants to make money from the market will need to understand the need why they have to be patient as well.
    yes, swing trading is popular, but shrt time is more popular, if trading is the main job to meet daily needs, short time trading is the solution, but if trading as part time job, we can trade with swing type, but most traders always use trading with the type of short time, because the results are fast and also we do not wait long.

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    It is very easy system for all the traders who wants to trade with easily. And i think that we should get suitable trading strategy for us and which style is suitable for us how we will know it can be known by learning many things about forex strategies. Swing traders can earn more with better strategy.

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    Swing trading is the best trading method with a good strategy we will be able to trade and make good money with this trading method, but first we must learn to understand how the market work and what swing trading is about, any trading system we use must be first study and understand perfectly well before we can make use of it very well that's why the webinar is a welcome idea.

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