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    Quote Originally Posted by jsmbugu View Post
    Thanks for this theard about stock account , i need to know what is the difference's between a forex account and a stock account , and what payments system available for deposit and withdrawal . and how can i start trading with stocks , thank you
    I am the newbie in this forum. I need to know about same question.

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    Trading stocks and bonds, which is better and is there a major difference between them..
    Could bonds even be traded??
    Now comparing stocks to currency pairs, which is more profitable and which is more volatile or stable as the case may be.
    I'd really need to understand the underlying principles that guarantee profits in the stock trading market.

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    I want to ask, I don't really understand whether trading stocks can be implemented properly using the MT4 platform and what is the ideal and safe capital to be able to trade stocks.
    I have never tried it because I am afraid of failures and losses that are more severe than forex trading.

    thankyou :)

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    Please note that both in R-Trader and MT4 platform we provide CFD for stocks. Trading conditions on R-trader accounts and MT4 accounts are different. Please use these links to compare them and CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. We recommend you to try demo-versions of accounts to test all these conditions to be sure in starting trading with a real account.

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    I would love to ask a simple question, well , we are all told that when a company flots its shares, it does so to look for extra funds to fund its company business for a share of profit for the inverstors, but we have thousands of brokers, forex brokers for that that offer estra funds to trade shares cdfs, and so on, how does these market we have today relate with the company that is suppose to get the funds and 2 whats does the profit share come directly from the company itself, say coca cola?? thank you

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    this service is very extraordinary, I hope it can make it easier for us to trade on this forex

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