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    RoboForex extends functionality of R Trader terminal and its Strategy Builder

    Dear Clients and Partners,

    RoboForex continues getting feedback from its clients and their opinions of the Company’s products in order to improve and make them more efficient and easier-to-use. Today, we’d like to tell you about the recent update of R Trader platform and five new things it has to offer. Today, we’d like to tell you about the recent update of R Trader platform and five new things it has to offer.

    What’s new with R Trader?

    New features in our Strategy Builder

    Comparison of indicator values with the same parameters on different bars. For example, you want to check if the most recent fractal is higher than the previous one. The feature is available in the Strategy editor.
    The complete Strategy builder manual

    "Depth of Market" (DOM)

    Level 2 "Depth of Market" allows to track even the slightest price movements, thus providing traders with more detailed market projection. The tool may be used for predicting the exact moments to open and close long-term strategy positions.

    Trailing Stop

    Trailing Stop is one of the essential tools to manage risks and improve efficiency of trading. This feature is quite simple as it works almost the same way as Stop Loss. However, unlike Stop Loss, Trailing Stop follows the price when it moves in the direction that is more favorable for a trader. All they have to do is to choose the interval between their position and Trailing Stop level in pips. Trailing Stop is a server side feature, so it remains active even if the terminal is off.
    More about using Trailing Stop in R Trader

    Time & Sales

    This tool is available for Stock and Cryptocurrency markets. It shows the time when the trade was executed, buy or sell indications, the price and the volume of the trade. This information may help you to estimate the number of buyers and sellers currently on the market, and also the total volume of their trades.

    Managing Watchlists using keyboard
    Add instruments to your Watchlists by pressing "Enter" right from the search bar.

    Are you ready to test the new functionality right now?

    RoboForex team

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    Speaking of stock trading, I think the "buy and hold" strategy is a coordinated attempt by beneficial stakeholders of a particular stock to inflate the price of that given stock even if it's true value is of as high as it is presented.
    By withholding stock, its continuous demand would in turn inflate the asking price of the stock, thereby causing the current custodians to amass much profit.
    The downside to this is that when the stock is finally released to the market, the force of entry reduces the price thereby making new investors to run at a loss rather than making profit.

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