Trading Without Patience
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Thread: Trading Without Patience

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    Trading Without Patience

    If we are trading without patience then We can not become successful Forex trader,Patience is very Important to become successful Forex trader.What are your opinion.

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    If we are trading without patience then We can not become successful Forex trader,Patience is very Important to become successful Forex trader.What are your opinion.
    i think that patience is so much needed in trading this is a risky market and there is the possibility of losses, In case of Forex success in not possible without patience. I think a new trader can get success if he keep patience to start from the last so Since through patience we will able to have a better chance to enter and win the market

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    Among many essentials of a good traders, patience is the best. Patience traders can able to get the remuneration of their patience today or tomorrow. I personally gets much benefit of patience trading. After opening any option while I was fade-up to see the huge floating loss, then I wait with patience and able to see profit in many such trade.

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    patience that we may possess as humans are to be controlled by we ourselves so that we would not fail in our trading. a trader should use himself as a case study, they should know their emotions and try to find a way to control it. Emotional controls can't be compared to anything in forex, because there are some mistakes that is not suppose to be, but this emotions triggers them to be happening.

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    Patience is the key to success in here. Forex is a long term setup where you need time from learning to earning. If you want to learn this trade properly then you have to spend a lot of time behind learning and there is no alternate way. To be honest learning is not possible if you don't have patience. Patience in learning, patience in building strategy and patience in trading. This is the secret mantra to get success.

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    It is indeed very true that patience is a very good quality that every trader must have if they want to have easier success in their trading. Most traders who are not patient make the mistake of wanting quick riches and huge profit in a short time and they always end up instead with a quick margin call.

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    This is a very bad thing to do and it will land the trader to bad place too. There is nothing better in the forex trading market than the patience of the trader, this is what will give him the benefits of the market over the times that he is trading. You need good trading calmness to get the best.

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    Next, Keep in mind that we must trading with patience , maybe for the trader who assumption that trading without patience are trader who think patience might not pay off , but its is wrong mindset , in long term patience does definitely necessary in good way for survive in this business

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    I do not think that trading without patience get's any good success in forex business,forex market is not predictable 100% all the time and if traders not wait for their trades and market comes back to their trades and they close their trades before that,then they have only regret about their trades,that's why patience become very much important factor for traders to become successful..

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    I think It is not possible to trad and make make profit without patience ,because I believe that patience is the main key of success and with out any patience no one can be a good trader and there is no way to avoid patience and do trad so quick and If you do that make sure that you allows get loss and never can make profit.

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