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    Unhappy My Trading Experience During last 3 Month-Smtrader

    Hello everyone :

    Dear moderators and all the members and the admin of this forum
    I hope you all are fine.

    now I want to share my experience with you people.

    I would like to start from one of the biggest events in the history of forex from brexit i have never seen the movement like this before I always like to trade on gbp pairs especially on gbpusd and gbpjpy it was one hour before the major volatility happened I opend trade on gbpjpy sell with 0.15 at 158.075 and i set my tp at 154.404 and sl at 159.410.
    and after that I closed my mt4 and at that time I was not expecting much about it don't know why and i slept after 4,5 hours when I opend my mt4 again for chicking that where is my trade and I was shocked earlier I didn't believe at that time whats going on in the market because market was almost 3000 pips down and my chart was destroyed the only thing at that time I can see on my chart was a big red candle.
    I think one of the biggest despointment i have ever felt in my trading experience was that day because unfortunately my sl was hit before the big move came I think that was my bad decision ever because if I did't set my tp or sl then I could earn huge profit at that time but I was unlucky .


    I have also particepate in different compitation i start playing contest from fx arena in 2014 and although I did'nt won any contest on fx arena but in octafx I won c trader weekly contest and I won 2nd position my prize was 100$ you can see in the picture below .

    Attachment 15425

    now I am playing contest on THE 1 MILLION DOLLAR FOREX WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 5th round and i am going at 17th rank amoung 10000 particepent picture is below

    Attachment 15426

    I have traded with different brokers I belive all of them are good and reliable
    I like roboforex I think it give us a great upportunity to trade live in forex without investing through posting bonus
    truly speaking in last three month I haven't got much success but I have learn a lot I have learn about support and resistence about price action and about candlestick pattron and I am still learning .



    I like high volatility in the market in some major news like in nfp and fomc I use my this trading strategy :

    first I open tow trade with same lots size for example on usdjpy I open 1 lot sell and 1 lot buy and I set my
    tp 70 to 80 pips range on both positions sell and buy and I set my sl 20 to 25 pips range on both positions
    if market goes either direction I can get some profit becuase for example if I open tow trade on usdjpy with
    1lot sell and 1lot buy if it moves 100 pips then I can still earn 60 t0 70 pips ..

    1 .this strategy only works in major news like in nfp or in fomc
    2 .open trade just before the news time 1 men or 30 sec before

    its not always work but most of time I have earn some good money by using this strategy .

    trading stratigy.jpg

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