My Trading During The Last 3 Months - Sixteen
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Thread: My Trading During The Last 3 Months - Sixteen

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    My Trading During The Last 3 Months - Sixteen

    As often Roboforex have been a wonderful avenue where I have really learnt so much and its good to see that we can measure our performance in last three months to actually know if we are really doing well or not. Forex is here to stay and no doubt we have to necessary look on the long term success because from my experience I feel that greed and short term plans have been one of my limits of earning much better in this business.

    For me I have come into this business with the hope of making it for myself. My last three months might not be too profitable for me but I must have to show them off and encourage myself to do much better in this business. From time to time I will update this thread on my past three months performance and how it have all been for me.

    Stay in touch.

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    I would really say that this have been my favorite strategy this days because you can have more chances to make more profitable trade if you can really find the right support and resistance in any trending market. For the past three months this have been one of my trading strategy and though I started using it newly but I could say that its been a great means for me to trade forex and aspire for profits.

    What I normally do is to find support and buy it while I sell at resistance levels.. For the support level I also ensure I set my stop loss below the support level of 5pips down while for the resistance my stop loss is above it with 3-5pips up.

    GROUP FOREX SIGNAL PROVIDERS : in the past three months of my trading I really at one time depend on forex signals to carry my trade along and that happened in July. I would say I have low success rate with it because I really over trade and trade many pairs or instruments that am not knowledgeable about. It was a lesson for me to look inwards and improve myself but no doubt I learnt from such experience.

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    I traded lot of pairs for the last three months and I took out time to create a bar chart of the instrument I traded in each month from July to September 2016.

    In this bar chart representation, orange bar colours signifies the month of July, the purple colour signifies the month of August while the light Blue colour represents the month of September. In the bar chart representation you could see I traded the Gbp/usd in each of the past three months while mostly other pairs was once on each month.



    Below comes the bar chart representation.

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    DESCRIPTION : I so much learnt so much on my July trading and you see its one of those things that helps you improve though I don't plan to depend this way for a long time that's why after this month I traded on my own signal most times. I would say when it comes to withdrawal in the past three months, my July withdrawal was the highest of all.

    HOW I TRADED IN THE MONTH OF JULY 2016 : During this month I mostly depended on forex trading signal WhatsApp group. It was a free group where heads where joined together but following a particular strategy with the use of the 00:00 starting candle of the day and using the Parobic Sars to determine strength of a pair which is likely to move in a clear direction.

    It was a great lesson for me because I learnt but on the other hand I really traded lot of pairs which I didn't fancy so much. I prefer having little pairs that can give me constant results with my strategy but not to trade every pair I see. If you look at my bar chat representation down you will see the currency pairs which I traded in the month of July after careful analysis by the group admin.

    WITHDRAWALS : I successfully withdraw three times in the month of July through my neteller account. The first amount been $25, second been $14 and third been $18 precisely, making the total of my July withdrawal to $57 amount. Not too bad if you ask me.



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    Wow, Bros your trade is really awesome, when will I ever make such money in trade. Bros, looking forward to that day

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    Description : August was a month I really decided to start trading without depending on forex signal site. Not that I was too good but I wanted to have a means to learn on my own and depend on my ability to trade instead of depending on signal which won't be there always. I took decisions to trade and my used strategy was the resistance and support levels.

    I had to buy at support while I sell at a resistance levels in any trending market and from my experience I am more happy that I actually follow a method even when I have less earnings than the profits I made in the month of July but it was a real stepping stone for me because I followed my method and wanted to see how I can succeed personally. Unlike the month of July where I traded lots of currency pairs, it was not so in the month of August. I traded three pairs as I get to see how profitable I could be.




    WITHDRAWALS: When it comes to withdrawal on the month of August I made a total of $38 which I withdrawed to my neteller account on each different amount of $23.57 and $15. It might be lesser than the month of July but it was a good decision for me as I look to improve so much more independently.



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    Description : September trading was not much as I ended up trading only one instrument. It was the least earning month from my last three months of trading and its not bad rather than earning nothing. Was fortunate to make some little withdrawals which helped me to solve some little needs I have offline.

    How I traded on September : I still follow the strategy from buying from support and it really was not a very bitter experience. The good part of it is that profits where also withdrawn even if it was small but at least manageable.. I was tempted to follow up forex signal groups like my July trading but I paused for a while and indeed try my best to know the means of planning my trade.

    Instrument traded : it's on record that I eventually ended up trading forex in the month of September and I focused only on the Gbp/usd for the whole full month.

    Withdrawals : Successful of total withdrawal of $29 to my neteller account was all it could take for me to wrap up my trading month.



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    In as much I would want to agree that I made profits which I withdraw in the last three month but I also encountered loss which really made me to loose my trading capital too. Some of the lessons I learnt from my experience during the last three months of my trade have been listed below.

    1. GREED : Greed have been one of my problem with my trade because if you really see my trading history you will understand that I usually trade with a high lot size without really minding the amount of capital I have. This have truly made me to earn faster and quicker money but also put me in the risk of loosing my capitals too.

    2. DEPENDENT OF OTHERS : Depending on other traders signal was a lesson for me and indeed on the month of July one could see how I depended on this signal groups with me personally trading lots of pairs. Though I made my highest profits on that month but lesson I learnt is that I might be successful through this but what happens if it seize to exist. It means I will have myself to blame for not having the ability to have my own system. This is why I opted to improve myself and started developing on my own system.

    3. CREATING YOUR OWN SYSTEM GIVES YOU CONFIDENCE : Actually I see myself becoming more confident working with my own system and this is truly a good balanced emotions for me. The support and resistance means of trading was helpful for me and created a more better means for me to approach this trade. However my aspirations is to keep improving in this business as I look to develop much more profitable system which will help me in forex trading business.

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    In as much as I would like to admit that my performance dropped each month I believe am getting it right. Currently this active month has been more productive and still have some few more days to be over. My past three months taught me so much more and it gives me the ability to make decisions which could necessary favour me much. I love the fact that am trading following my method and it will really help boost my confidence and give more chances to succeed.

    July earning was good, August earning dropped, while September dropped even more but in all it have formed a great developmemt and experience for me. It's good am living a life of a trader and my focus is to ensure I can make good earnings for myself which will help me to properly make good profits at the best point in time.

    I want to specially thank Roboforex for the chance so far to give us this opportunity to talk about our past performance in trading. This have really boost me up and as much as I have analyzed my trading history, I must confess I have learnt even much more. Good luck to every Roboforex traders and am wishing you more pips.

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