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Thread: Free Economic Indicators: COT report, US economic data

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    In all, this is a good way for traders to trade the news market also, economic indicators and COT data reports can really help traders to make a good decision about the market when it comes to news trading time and normal market. There is a good opportunity for us to be successful in this business when we really for a good strategy that will help us to analyze the market properly.

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    I do not think any pre programmed indicator or robot or expert advisor can be able to interpreted or analyse economical data in order to determine the trend of the market price of a given currency pair.
    These tools don't just ha e what it takes to derive intuition from the data.
    Maybe, sometime in the future, machine learning experts could develop a neural network that can do this efficiently, but until then, I'd stay clear of interpreting economical data using robots.

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    the data can be helpful for the trader and let him read the chart and market well, and so the trader will be able to make better and more accurate trading and then he will be able to maximize the profits he will get and will reach his targets easily and continuously, the trader needs to have the important resources for analysis of the market.

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    Trading in the news market is something that all traders should take their time to analyze the market before a trade decision, the news market is a market that a trader does not have good experience and skills, it should always be avoided, because it will hurt you if your business is in full market Lose investment Your method of reading information and analysis is not bad, I think it is right.

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    Although I strongly admitre the using of these smart indicators on the trading . that I may say again that not the indicators or depending on them is the thing which can help us to be successful in this market , I see that every element has its strong points and the weak points . thus the trading with simplest indicators can be very simple and effective

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkMindFX View Post
    Hello everyone,
    In this thread I'd like to share with you some side results of project I'm currently working on right now. It's a package of indicators which can be used to get economic data - Commitment of Traders (COT) reports, US economic data (like inflation, unemployment, GDP, money supply etc.). I'm using these indicators as a feeds for my ANN system, but I believe lots of you will find it useful in your trade and analysis.

    No need to cope with files, manual stuff etc. I'm getting the data from official web sites directly! So once the new info appears on sites like CFTC, BLS, FRED etc - the system automatically gets it.
    What trading platforms supported. Currently I've only implemented it for MT4 - but actually I'm gonna implement it for other platforms like ZuluTrade, Ninja Trader etc. (unfortunately I'm not familiar with their codebase yet - so it will take me some time to learn).
    How it looks. Here are the examples of what you can get on your MT4 terminal.
    Examples of COT reports and charts

    You can download the package for FREE with indicators from this page - - also there you'll find the instructions on how to make these indicators available in your MT4 terminal.
    NOTE: All this stuff is in Very BETA stage! If you'll try it and face any issues - don't hesitate and drop me a line - wither in this thread on as private message. I'll try to fix it ASAP.

    I'll be maintaining this thread in order to get your feedback and provide you with fixes and updates. So in case if you're interested in some particular indicator - feel free to drop me a line here.

    thanks for the topic you created on this thread. what you have to say about your project is very interesting. but too heavy and complicated to learn by beginners. if something more simple and easy it would have been better.

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