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Thread: "Trading Journals" contest

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    "Trading Journals" contest

    Dear users!

    We are glad to present you new contest that is called «Trading Journals Contest»! Your goal is to keep a trading journal, describe your trades, analyze them and comment on current market conditions.

    Terms and rules:

    Contest will start October 23, 2013 and finish December 23, 2013
    Winners will be defined 24 December, 2013

    To participate in the contest, you need to leave your request in this thread – you should provide name of your trading journal and link to your thread.

    After you request you will have to keep your trading journal according to Rules and requirements for trading journals

    Winners award

    Best 5 trading journals will be awarded with forum bonuses.

    Trading journals will be estimated using the following parameters:

    1. Quality of the journal
    2. Unique approach of keeping a journal and discipline of a trader
    3. Interest to one’s trading journal from other forum members (views, «thumbs up» clicks for first post in thread of the trading journal)


    1st place – 100 $
    2nd place – 50 $
    3rd place – 40 $
    4th place – 30 $
    5th place – 30 $

    We will estimate your process of journaling within time period of 2 months and award the best and the most disciplined!

    *Due to not enough participation, quantity of winning places might be decreased.

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    It is very good to make a trading journal and follow that but as the date of contest is over I could not take part but we would like to see the winners trading journal just to have a note of points which we should note while trading as I have one but I do think that some more columns must be added but not getting the clue, so please post the winner's trading journal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Value trader View Post
    1st place: - rinaji

    It’s worth mentioning that rinaji was very accurate in keeping a journal, his screenshots were always informative and visual. We’d like to submit that in his thread everyone had opportunity to ask question and get detailed answer. Good job, rinaji!

    Rinaji gets 100 USD on his forum account.
    OMG, I can't believe it, thanks admin, mod, and educator ...,after long time I did not update my trading journal, but today I was really surprised with what I get.
    Here are many members who are better than me, but I just lucky in getting the first position, At first I was here as a passive member, just interested in learning a lot from the many threads that shared by Value Trader, and till now I'm learning a lot from Value Trader, so I am still in the learning process, and I was glad to find a lot of knowledge of him. That is my purpose to be on this forum. But today I was really happy because I got a bonus from the contest.
    Hopefully I can be active in the forums as soon as possible, after a few weeks I was really busy in my work. So I took a break from trading forex for a few weeks.

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    yes i went to like join this contest because i am not experience this journal but i have to know it,and that,s why. i,ll try it to do know, so any body help me please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by umoniraj View Post
    yes i went to like join this contest because i am not experience this journal but i have to know it,and that,s why. i,ll try it to do know, so any body help me please.
    The contest is over already, see you in next contests

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