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    To investigate concerning the currency set we first learn about the effectiveness of currency after which select great currency for the industry which could provide us great advantage.All main currency set are advantageous to industry and not provide reduction and these main currency set are advantageous to long haul industry.Analysis of currency and marketplace is among the most significant to get a broker.

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    I have questions about RoboForex. I want know that how can i use my forum balance a live RoboForex trade accoutn

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    look, In this line, we animate every Community associates to allocution about RoboForex analytical opinions and the strategis.
    You can ask your questions over the predictions released, allotment your thoughts and your angle about the bazaar bearings and Your affection baronial of our statistics.this is able way we should comunicate.and eventually its acceptable for anybody

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    with this line, when i encourage most Community members to be able to talk all about RoboForex systematic opinions.
    You may request for your issues from the predictions released, share ones viewpoint In regards to the market situation AND your current quality ranking involving THE statistics.

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    good business that gives a lot of opportunities that we can make it as a place where we can trade safely with analysis strategy nd ourselves in achieving good results hasi we can possibly do for the sake of our success in achieving a more successful life and produce

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    Hello guys, recently or in this 1- 2 years EURUSD and GBPUSD weren't that correlated anymore like in the past because there were a lot of moments where they went into separate ways ?

    Can you tell me more about this phenomenon ? how about the future about this two most popular pairs correlation movement ?
    !!!!!! Hehehehehehehe..... !!!!!!

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    The data released like unemployment, home sales etc from USA result on the currency positive or negative.
    Suppose data come positive and favor USA to increase , is it mean we can buy all currency pair where USD is the base currency.
    But I have observed many times if USDJPY is in uptrend does not mean USDCHF also in up, that may be either up, or down or may not give any direction.
    What may be the reason behind that?

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    Sir my forecast for GBP/USD today is up....the news release for GDP is scheduled for today...if the news comes positive then we surely see a big movement in GBP/USD and if the news even comes out to be bad then also after touching the bottom at around 1.6600/1.6630..we will see the reversal as those levels proves to be support on daily with 200EMA. so hopefully in either case...GBP/USD bull will find its way

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    My forcast to GBPUSD, EURUSD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD will go deeper on the market. I have screen shot the weekly chart of each pair. The downtren of the market because the strenthen of USD and the decreasing Quantitative Easing.
    In pair GBPUSD, GBPUSD downside because the bad data from Industrial and Manufacturing Production.
    This time I want to upload GBPUSD Weekly chart.

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    All major currency pair are good for trade and these above bill brace are acceptable for continued appellation barter.

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