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Thread: Debt default in United States?

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    I have search another explanation in trading news dated on march 27, 2017. The United States of America can ever get debt ceiling again to dead line of the United States

    "According to Height Capital, the new deadline for investors to watch is April 28, 2017. April 28 represents the deadline for the government to pass a new funding bill, and Height analyst Andrew Parmentier believes President Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans will make sure to have a plan in place by that time."

    If until 28 April, the unites states do not have any fund, the government of United States can shut down once again, because of the debt ceiling.

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    [lang=ar]I surprised by their economical crisis. I tried to thinking about that why a country like United States fall in such kind of economical condition. In the chart i think it clearly shows that gold price will fall and its a clear hint for the bad economy. I am new in trading so cant tell more. I think we need to be cautious if we want to join any kind of activity with USA. Thanks to all..[/lang]

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    United States are not going to default any soon. Don't get fooled by the childish games republican and democratic politicians play in the US. Even market isn't taking them seriously (and wasn't taking them seriously, the gains in gold and losses in american equities were just small). In fact I believe that US has a great economic period ahead, possibly lasting upto 2020 or even beyond. I'm talking about higher than 3% RGDP p.a. on average, strong US dollar and US equities rallying sky high to 2020 (from their present values). It's due to the technological inovations and positive government policies. This will happen unless some geopolitical tensions bring back cold war or worse...+ assuming that China will keep its growth above 7% RGDP p.a.

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    This is a true worry in the world. The debt amount of united states has grown so much it is not funny anymore. However, the process can be reversed but no one is willing to do any thing to rock the boat. However the world continues to lean on the united states for economy stability cannot be understood. But if there is a debt default, there would be a global crisis at hand

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    Hi, Thank you for your information. As much as fundamental analysis is very informative, at the same time, i think it is unreliable. It is very important to carryout technical analysis alongside with the fundamental analysis before a trade is placed. I will advice any trader that has been placing trades on sentiments and just fundamental analysis, shpoullf develop skills in the technical analysis. As this in turn at least 65 percent winning strategy, which will always place you on the safe side.

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    very good thread , we are now in 2017 and mr president trump has raised the ceiling again and i do not think that they will stop , so i have a scenario that USA reach the bankruptcy and then return more stronger so that this will eliminate the dept and USA move forward , what will be the disadvantages of this move , will it be very bad ?

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    This is an eye opener especially if we want to trade the currency markets.I guess we also need more and the technical impact the US dollar would have on the markets.Then other currencies like the eur/usd and Gbp/usd where they would head to when the US dollar is weak.We need the ideas of the experts on this forum,in order to keep everyone in the light.

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    Quote Originally Posted by impexo27 View Post
    The gold rush is one of the most hot topic in the financial market at the moment. Yes if you want to make money through gold trading invest a good amount and start trading now to make good money with gold. Gold is really volatile and you can also make money trading intraday.
    Yes, I think gold market always better for inter-day trading.because this is a highly volatile small investment always risky specially for us who want to make some green pips by the small amount.but we can trade on the gold symbol with cent account it will be better for market undrstanding.
    Don't loss you hope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mohabbat View Post
    Yes, I think gold market always better for inter-day trading.because this is a highly volatile small investment always risky specially for us who want to make some green pips by the small amount.but we can trade on the gold symbol with cent account it will be better for market undrstanding.
    [lang=de]Small investment is not perfect investment for gold pair meanwhile gold price is now on high. Like its now in 1293 it has created a pin bar on 1297 I am sure gold will cross 1300 level very soon. USD is getting weaker day by day due to that reason gold price is going up. Lets see what happens. I am sure gold will fall down soon or later.[/lang]

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    Irresponsible government indebtedness has caused debt in many African countries to reach the level of emergency. In the last 10 years, governments in sub-Saharan Africa have issued more than $80 billion in bonds for thirsty European investors, and public debt accounts for about half of GDP. The bilateral loans, especially from China, are added to the emergency. Now, a decade after a cancellation across the continent, the debt becomes increasingly toxic with each passing day thanks to rampant corruption within governments, a cost that citizens are often forced to pay through of higher taxes.

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    Regardless of why gold prices can go up or down, if I think we should only focus on the technical analysis we use. Because from there it will be clear where you want the price to move. And if we see from the side why the price will move it will be late and behind, because in my opinion the technical analysis answers when the price moves and the fundamental analysis answers why the price moves

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