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Thread: Debt default in United States?

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    USD cash, comeback in sight – ANZ
    Thu, Jan 29 2015, 05:19 GMT

    Richard Yetsenga of ANZ, argues that with the recent central bank surprises and the emerging ‘shortage’ of bonds globally, the return of US cash as an asset class might be seen for the first time in a decade.

    Key Quotes

    “Certainly, a US cash comeback is not a new idea. We argued in favour of it last year. With the upside down nature of the move in rate differentials, however, the driver of this trend has turned out to be quite different.”

    “Even with fund yields still around zero, assets of US money market funds have risen to the highest level since mid-2011.”

    “While assets have yet to convincingly break out of the broad range of recent years, and there is an annual seasonal pattern evident in the data, a shift to a new higher range would clearly be significant.”

    “Regulatory changes in the US will also likely be affecting flows, but these would be expected to actually reduce the attractiveness of these assets.”

    “Looking forward, US cash is likely to be a key beneficiary of the relative decline in availability and attractiveness of government bonds which is emerging globally”

    “Now in a world widely perceived to offer an abundance of investment opportunities, either in the real economy, equity market or even corporate bond market, some of the leakage out of bonds would be expected to find its way there."

    "In the current environment, however, it seems reasonable to expect a meaningful share of funds squeezed by the bond ‘shortage’ to look for another safe alternative. Cash seems to present itself by a process of elimination.”

    “And with the nominal return on cash near zero in most markets, and approaching zero in others, currency fundamentals are likely to also enter the equation. On this basis, USD cash seems the last man standing.”
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    I know that the United States of America is in dept to other countries and also there are so any adepts inner to their inner banks . all this banks and depts may have a bad effect to the usd dollar of the price of the dollar in front of other currencies . I thin k that it is going to give its effect soon .but we have to wait

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    Everyone knows which because effective nd higher buck need traders as well as political figures would not would like something to occur in order to presently there expense, in order it's right now because 'm composing your debt roof may be elevated as well as the federal government functions may be known as back again and so i might anticipate the marketplace in order to ne officially generating therefore the actual stress from the is actually dept concern may be solved, and so i might anticipate foreign currency for example Aussie buck as well as newzeland buck observe a few increases within the closest long term.

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    For me personally, in my opinion this is only going to provide much more weak point towards the united states dollar after which it is time for you to depart the actual united states dollar for some time. Your debt is actually increasing for that second as well as they have to spend close to $55 million every month whilst these people just obtained $40 million every month. Increasing financial obligations is only going to help to make the actual united states dollar less strong ultimately.

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    if politics is not involved mostly,This is why I know that the country's past may still continue to chase him. As far as the economy of the country concerned, it is better to check the data before things went, With all this, the United States still retain their standing as political, with a view there is a lot of news on the impact of market movements. Trade with very important news as authentic news can change the trend of any quick movements

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    As at the time I am making this post, debt dafault in United States was already over but around that time almost every forex trader was panic stricken because of the effect that it could have on the market. I reduced my lot size by more than 70% and I was very careful on the risk I even took then but to my surprise , what so many traders feared would happen never took place and since I have got to learn that one should only trade what he sees on the chart

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    Am careless about the news aspect of this business too, am not a news trader so I don't take time to read news, there is only one things I keep my eyes on and that's the Nfp the monthly news release that's all that I keep my eyes on I don't care about any other news or take the time to read any forex trading related news on any website.

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    Debt is a major economic factor we all know of the best of every one of us is really to look at exactly how the market might react and how the banks especially the federal bank is going to deal with it there is all kind of posibility the bank would have to organize a special committee that would work to see if the debt sealing would be bleached and so we have to avoid the same we have to really run the market in more prorous method

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    The debt crisis in America also surprised me, why are great state like that of a sudden have the most recent advice regarding their debt enormous. However, I additionally has an extremely broad range globally, because the money is still used in many states and understand the American economic turn around is quite secure.

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