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Thread: Debt default in United States?

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    I have seen a few of your posts already pajero and it seems to me you are totally a technical trader. If you go to world class traders room, it will be hard for you to adapt since all they are talking is inverted yield curve, pe ratio, gdp and not the charts at all. They are calculating the fair value from all of those data and trade in the end. Before you got deeper to the wrong side, try to learn about the truth faster. I know several wallstreet traders and they told me technical analysis is a knowledge created to create false sense of security in trading.

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    I agree with some financial experts that it is impossible to define such a big country because the dollar is the main currency worldwide. This is just a rumor and drama made by Republicans. If this is true, we can see that Lehman Brother's bankruptcy in 2008 after bankruptcy is going to fall. It causes US economic collapse against all major currencies, and we can say that it is an Armageddon for the United States. Most stock and forex traders are still waiting to confirm this news and rumors that it has already spread everywhere. This is 50:50 that may or may not be the default.

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    I want to appreciate you for this valuable information so that we keep watch over this.From my own perspective this might affect US currency negatively and the best suggestion is to keep off the currency for now and move with other ones while US struggles to get their balance back.

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    Hmm, doesn't surprise me at all. In this country, where people don't give much thought to the risks and stress that can happen after taking debt, of course, will happen a debt default. It is simple, people don't have a plan which could prevent them from debt defaulting. To do so, they should consult a specialist, a professional in this domain. A trustworthy and reliable broker, like Mortgage Advisor Cambridge. It saved me a couple of times from making mistakes and losing time plus money. Nowadays, a reliable broker is hard to find, so trust your intuition and then decide.
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