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Thread: Scalping trading strategy for 10-pips.

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    It is good trading strategy if we have knowledge and practice and we have learning about the market so this will give trader good results , short term and long term trading strategies are really best for work so these will help to make our plan very well , we have to build our trade plan and will get success from market .

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    Don't aim for small profits, it doesn't work in real life. Most of the goals we set, including profit targets, will not be achieved. Because of that the few we achieve will need to compensate for all of our needs (in trading that would be the stops paid for losing trades) and all of the goals. So aim big, it's the only way forward.
    perhaps some traders who misunderstand this scalping strategy really afraid to make more from market because they does not believe with their own analysis and they limit their capability to earn more by limiting their target as minimum as possible. it is a bad mindset to have for a trader in this business and it will not give them consistency they are looking for unless they change their mindset and focus on market bigger picture in trend.

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    If you just want to make money and become profitable trader. All you need to is to avoid any short term scalping trading method. Because trading with the use of scalping and aiming little amount of money from the market time to time. But if you comprehend how to trade the market long term, you will see the benefits in that and so therefore be able to make good trading long term decisions.

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    the scalping is important to open more than 10 traders in a day so we have to make sure we are having the good potential to trade well and having the skills of learning as well as our knowledge with accordingly to the working methods can support us to generate more sources of success very clearly and help in earn success according to own requirements .

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    Scalping strategy are very risky, and as a wise trader you will never depend so much on this strategy because they are not safe to trade with at all time, it will be much better for us to focus more on the long term trading because it's more secure and a more safe method to trade, trading using the scalping strategy is too risky and won't take us far.

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    It is better for traders to know that scalping is not what they will be getting huge amount of money with.Scalping strategy is very risky trade when traders have proper stop loss and proper money management and risk management in account.Scalping is better and profitable strategy to make money by the use of scalper require good knowledge and trading skills and more experience available.

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    Before using this system I want to let you know that this system is very risky system and your capital should be small for example 15$ -20$. Use H30 or H1 is best.It is a good trading strategy if we have knowledge and practice and we have learning about the market so this will give trader good results.If you just want to make money and become profitable trader.

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    Scalping strategies could have higher risk level than any other strategies due to their nature since they could be based even on 1:1 risk-reward ratio. In such case, trader would need to have positive win rate (the difference between the number of winning and losing trades) to be profitable. It could be a bit difficult to trade with such tight risk-reward ratio because several losing trades in a row could lead to sobstantial losses. That is why the trader should know how to avoid false signals to improve win rate and overall performance of the strategy in general.
    At the same time, I have to disagree with the statement placed above that M30 and H1 are best timeframes for scalping strategies. Since the scalper operates within relatively small intervals of time keeping position opened within minutes and sometimes even seconds, it would be better to use lower timeframes like M1 and sometimes M5. For sure, it is important to see the whole picture too, and this is the case when higher timeframes are needed. Thus, the best way would be to use three main timeframes to see the movement on several levels. The exact timeframes should be defined depending on the particular strategy. In such case, tha main timeframe would be the one used by the system to generate signals to enter or close the position while other would be used for informative purposes.

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