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    Thanks to the moderators for the great opportunity given to us traders to shear this story in the thread of the forum and also to create the awareness of the trading opportunities and the conditions in my country. the name of my country is Nigeria and and it is situated at the the west Africa, my country is bless with a lot of talented trader and which i am trying to join and be one of the successful trader and rich people in the world.
    Trading is profitable in the life of traders trading in the Forex market from all walks of life,trading is a great opportunity for us here in the country, trading is taking place at every nooks and cranny of the country as there is no restriction to the trading activities , as some do claim that there is restriction to trading at there regions or country , i think trading is a legal business for all. opportunity to trade Forex is open in 24 hours in a day and throughout the week, except on weekend and majorly on Saturday when the market completely closed , for trading occurs on Monday to Friday and till the evening of Friday 10.00 Nigeria time. by 10.00 p.m on Sunday market opens again for traders, we enjoy trading till the end of the week again.
    Though the market opens in 24 hours , but not all traders trade through out the 24 hours , some traders trade in the day while in the night base on the trading , ideas, knowledge and the session they love to trade with, the European session fall in the day time and this is the time i love to trade with as the market moves very well in the session, traders trade any time but with experience and the knowledge of the behaviours of each currency pairs we can see trader tailoring their trading activity to the time the pair will move best.

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    Trading is a business that need learning and without this it would be difficult for trader to do well , hence traders seek for those who are expert in the trading to train himself for better understanding of the business.
    T learn the forex business the followind areas are available in Nigeria for easy access to learning .
    * internet
    * seminar area
    * forex books
    * e books
    * experts

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    learning take place everywhere by using the opportunity of the internet facility, in the early 90s that the computer is hardly found in the country people don't know about or trade forex , thank God for the incoming and the spreading of the computer , both the desk top and the laptop, Trader are now enjoin and join their counterparts to trade forex at different corner of the country in the early 20s,
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    Before i become a trader , i always thought forex trading is hard or difficult but thank God for my mentor who gave me proper guide to be tradeing with easy in the forex market and to be proud of good knowledge in the forex industry. i learn forex from an expert in the business and this my mentor was a man that carries learners along and he did it for me, thanks to him.THOUGH AT THE BEGINNING THINGS ARE NOT SO EASY, BUT WITH TIME THE DEED WAS DONE,Forex trading is so interesting business if we learn well,One thing is so important in the business we need to be doing a constant practice and ready to learn from mistakes.

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    A lot of people always wonder and question traders that what are they doing in forex because it was not clear to them that forex simply means foreign exchange, foreign exchange market involves buying and selling just like we are doing every other business offline.
    Many people hate the business as they term it as a risky business, but the question is, which business in the world free of risk?
    I always enlightened people that the only solution to the forex calamity is to equipped ourselves with quality learning and acquire good knowledge to trade to success. then we need to trade with patience and good money and risk management.
    some of them that are ready to learn are now good traders and they are even encouraging others to trade in the forex market.
    Before i join this business i always wonder how i can be trading money and so also a lot of friend did today, and another problem is that how do i fund the account , then sometime in the past my friend in the business before me told me of domiciliary account, but today a lot of e wallet facilities had made a change to the issue of opening a domiciliary account, life is now easier.
    a lot of them are there on the net to open account with them then exchange of account transaction will be easy.
    Though we still have some of them that give problem to trader and some even fold up. we have to sharpen our eyes in dealing with these people for easy transaction.
    we trade the forex market today with the aid of the platform provided for traders for trading the market by our brokers, we have a lot of this brokers, but we still need to make right choice again for easy trading .thank God for RoboForex that we just discover here with us in the Nation through the internet opportunity.
    Mt4 trading platform made trading also easy as we can execute our trading easily with it, a lot of brokers are introducing their trading platform as mt4, and so out good broker here also, Robo Forex
    some traders are also trading with mt5 but the most popular trading platform is mt4.
    I am very happy to tell all of you reading this story that This broker is really making impact in the nation Nigeria especially when he started the forum for trader to share their view with one another.then with her kindness to trader for bonuses of different kind, no doubt or gainsay, Robo Forex is great and popular in this country and several other nations.
    With the great impact of this Broker , He should keep on to maintain this integrity and continue to impress the traders as usual and then try to improve day by day as touching the trading platform to make it more easier to use and at the same time the leverage should be encouraging to traders, more so the trading platform should be furnished with lower lots than .10 cents for the new trader to enjoy.long lfe Robo Forex Long life The forumers and the great Moderators.
    I will like to create the indulgence of our great moderators to be lenient with forumers so as to make more traders so interest in this forum and thereby promote our great broker more and more.and also the forum people to comply for coexistence .once again LONG LIFE TO US ALL.
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