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    Firstly, with sincerity and words of gratitude in my mind, I want to that the moderator and board of administration that organized this context, because is really a way of empowering us the traders to trade well without stress. You people are really doing a great job in this forum.

    My country is known and popularly called Nigeria. It got her independent in the 1960 and since den has been a country of its own. Is a country that is subdivided into three major regions know as Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo, and is a country that have a freedom of worship and freedom of speech as stated in the 1999 constitution of my country Nigeria.
    In Nigeria if you are a lazy person, for sure you cant see what to eat let alone what to wear, thats why you normally hear this word from a Nigerian man "there is no food for a lazy man. That to say, Is a country with strong minded and focused citizens, in that, everybody needs to work hard to earn a living or even enjoy his or her stay in the country. Although is a country that God blessed with oil and coca, but as the case may be, if you are not strong enough you will die of hunger.

    In Nigeria, as the case may be, our trading time and session is around the specification of 3:00 to 4:00 am EST that is when the both London and Asian are operating, and from 8:00 am - 12:00pm EST when the London and New York also operates by dat time. That is to say that in Nigeria our mostly trading time is during the period when two countries are operating at the same time. That is to say that not all time is suitable in my country because there are times when you trade, that means you definitely lose in the trade. So as Nigerians, we have our trading times at the back of our mind.

    Firstly, I heard about forex trade since 2010 and I thought I can learn the trade on my own but it all yield nothing, because I was learning it with/through a wrong source. Not until this year 2016 I got a guardian who saw me throught my learning period. So now my learning is good although it was tough for a start but after numerous practices with the demo account, I get to be experienced in the and know how to tackle lots of things in forex. Although it seems as if am new in the trade due to the time and period I registered the trade but with the experience I have gathered so far in the trade I no longer see myself as a Newbie again, how far doesn't really matter in the trade, but what matters is actually how well have you know the trade. My learn is unique.

    Definitely I cannot state the exact number of people that know about the existence of forex in Nigeria because am not a traveller but if am to say, with the number of people trading forex and also that know the existence of forex in my locality, I will say that forex have been a business for all in Nigeria, because almost the number of people living in my area are forex traders. So therefore, with what the eye can see, forex trade is a big business for many number of individuals, organizations in Nigeria.

    Definitely, Infact I get to know and hear about forex from a friend of mine who is a forex trader. A good Number of my friends are into forex trading and I have also introduced some many numbers of my family members into forex trading and the are now enjoying the system more than ever.
    In my country Nigeria, there are so many payment One can use to receive his money. We have a payment system like perfect money, webmoney, payza and others. But to me, the one I love using is the webmoney maybe the reason is because I like how the render their services and the appearance of their system.

    Although, am electronic payment system is somehow not hundred percent perfect because one cannot put all Bia trust and hope in it because u might wake up one morning to discover the site has turn out to be scam. But as the case may be, In my own side, I have not experience any problem from my electronic payment system ever since I start making use of it.

    Z(1).jpg images(5).jpg
    With what the eye can see, I will say that the most trading platform we use in Nigeria is the mt4 because it is so somehow user friendly. For me I prefer that mt4 trading platform maybe is because that's the one I learned my trading with.

    As a matter of fact I can't say or give the accurate number of people that knows or that is using Roboforex but with the number of people using it in my area, so with that I can state how popular Roboforex is in Nigeria. Roboforex is indeed very popular in Nigeria, because of their level of trust worthy, almost all the traders like to transact business with them.
    Although that the groundsare popular, but the also need to work hard in the aspect of advertisement, that is by opening different branches here in Nigeria that will help people to know more about it.

    I think that Roboforex is indeed very unique when it comes to the aspect of been sincere to her word, the don'tsay what they cant do, the are the company that have its client at heart, so I believe that once the administrators of Roboforex are able to create its branches in also in all the 36 states in Nigeria, their is no how that the won't top its competitors and will really make ground in my country. And also if the introduce some discounts or promo, you will see that lots of trader will come into it.

    So good to go, stay cool and watch, who knows you might be lucky to buy tomorrow.

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    Definitely, forex trading is a very nice business in Nigeria. And alittle more effort will be needed from Roboforex to advertise their trading brokers to traders in Nigeria

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    Definitely, forex trading in Nigeria is something one needs to write home about. Because Nigeria is a great country with great people living as its citizens

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    From what i have seen so far, i think there are limited trading opportunity in Nigeria due to some factors affecting it. One of the problems i saw was the lack of power supply, in Nigeria due to limited supply of power, most traders will find it difficult to charge their gadgets in other to assess the internet or their accounts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by treasurechristain View Post
    From what i have seen so far, i think there are limited trading opportunity in Nigeria due to some factors affecting it. One of the problems i saw was the lack of power supply, in Nigeria due to limited supply of power, most traders will find it difficult to charge their gadgets in other to assess the internet or their accounts.
    Lack of power supply is not only the problem in Nigeria, but in other countries too, it usually occurs in areas far from urban areas. But I think in general people who know about forex is the people who live in urban areas , not in areas which is difficult to get a power supply. That is the reality that I see in our country.

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