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    How is everyone?

    Meet me Silhouette from Indonesia. I was a new member of this forum and this contest is my first experience. I am very happy if I have the opportunity to participate in this contest. My warmest greetings to all the contestants in this forum.

    My age is 49 years old this year. I work as the owner of the shop and I also that fixes a broken machine, such as automobile engines, water pumps, electric generators, fans, etc. That's why I chose to trade the long term in this business. Although my age was nearly half a century, I believe I can still run this business and never too late to be successful. I will share several sessions of questions and I'll answer them one by one.

    I - I. How do you know the forex trading?

    I know the forex trading on the internet a few months ago. At the time, I was looking for a business or investment opportunities that match what I'm doing with the capital that is not too much but promising. Before I discovered forex trading, I saw a few other business opportunities such as time deposits, gold investment, or multi-level marketing that requires us to recruit people and benefit from our affiliates, as well as referral system.

    But after I try some of these businesses, I have difficulties and failures. Loss that I suffered was a little, but it made me regret having tried new things I did not understand. Finally I decided to follow forex trading. At first, I had experienced difficulties and considerable losses. I almost lost half of my deposit because I am trading with knowledge and experience that still small.

    I - II. How do you learn things about trading forex?

    I learn things about forex through browsing on the internet. I also download some ebook that explains some of the basic techniques in the forex trader needs to know. For trading techniques, I do not have it because I am still in a learning phase. I realized I still had a bit of experience in this business and I do not want to lose money again because of my own carelessness. I got the learning basics here

    I - III. Where you choose to invest your funds?

    At first, I plan to invest my funds to a local broker in my town. To find more information about the contacts that can be contacted to explain to me how the trading system at local broker, I see a lot of search results on Google mentions that local brokers deceive clients.

    I was shocked and wondered why local broker is not overly enthused by the people of Indonesia for many cases of fraud affecting broker. At first I was not so sure with the news on the Internet because it could have been a lie. But after my own evaluation, it turns out the broker is not the perpetrator of acts of fraud, but employees who use clients' money for trading carelessly. If the loss, the reason does not make sense. Many employees who work at the local broker still very novice, of course they can not trade well.

    That is why I am not interested in depositing my money on local broker, because if I want to do their own trading, the broker advised me to use them for trading experts with my money and my funds for security reasons. But I do not want to because I'm better trading alone, make a profit from the hard work of my own, and losses due to my own mistake.

    I - IV. Why do you prefer foreign brokers rather than local broker?

    After I was browsing on the internet about the differences between the foreign broker and local broker, I find it advantageous to foreign brokers because traders are free to trade without having to think of the commission to be paid to a broker or market movements are jammed due to the connection to the server platform that is problematic.

    In the local broker, I do not see the advantage, but the advantage is only aligned to the local broker. Because each transaction is charged a commission trader a very large amount. Of course this has violated the rights of traders who have a stake in the profits acquired full. Because the trader makes a profit from the results of his hard work on their own without the help of a broker. So why do we have to pay a commission to them?

    I - V. How did you connect with a foreign broker?

    This is the difficulty I experienced when I want to access foreign broker website, because most of these sites are already blocked access to and can not be visited again. Therefore, I asked my friend who works and understand about IT.

    He explained that I should be using a proxy address with the IP from abroad. At first I was confused because I did not understand at all about it, until my friend explained to me until I understood. It took several meetings with him until I understand very well.

    I use Baidu browser because I think it is a very secure browser. This browser I get when I download a version of the antivirus. At first I tried to change the DNS Google become and but still can not. Perhaps I am wrong in entering the DNS before but after I checked on the internet, apparently use Google DNS can not be reused in Indonesia because it is blocked as well.

    Long story went short, I seek extension in Baidu browser I use. I finally found an appropriate extension plugin to get overseas IP address so that I can access blocked sites, such as foreign brokers. Just with a simple click, I can break the blocking system by the government in Indonesia which has blocked access to foreign broker.

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    II - I. How well-known forex trading in your country?

    To be more accurate, I myself do not know how many people follow or run this business. I had just joined a few months and I am still very new, even though my age is almost 50 years old. Directly, forex is still very little known by many people either among workers or employers. Most of them prefer to remain on the job and the business rather than thinking of looking for another business opportunity.

    In my opinion, forex trading is not very well known in my country. Because of my knowledge, I do not see any information when I read the daily newspaper or news and events that I normally see on television or radio broadcasts. But, if I am looking for information about forex on the internet, will be a lot of information or discussion of this business. Just like the screenshot below, Indonesia already took part in this business from 1991.

    II - II. How do you know the broker RoboForex and the forum?

    I know this information just recently because I never knew anything about this broker. If I do not look for any deeper, I probably will never join here until whenever for information about these brokers are minimal. Luckily, I was given the opportunity to join this broker and can follow the forum and also participated in the contest-contest.

    The information I can get about this broker through my search on the internet. At first I was just looking for a forum for discussion and also to learn more about forex trading. However, of the many forums available on the internet, simply RoboForex forum are still active and still give a bonus.

    II - III. Does the broker RoboForex famous in your country?

    Just as foreign brokers in general, RoboForex broker also included in the list of foreign brokers that are reliable and worth a try for traders who want to invest funds to the broker. However, because many people in Indonesia who are looking welcome bonus for trading, RoboForex unfortunately does not include an option many people apart from the forums to get the bonus.

    In addition, the Indonesian people are not too fluent and good at using English both oral and written. That's why many people of Indonesia can not follow a discussion forum that requires each of its members must use English grammar understandable crowds.

    II - IV. How can you understand a little about the English?

    Fortunately, I have some expertise dad taught me as a child that speaks English. He could teach English because he used to work as a contractor in the oil overseas, such as America. With a little practice, I can slightly understand the English language and had no difficulty in following the discussion forum although I am required to use English.

    II - V. What experience you get for joining this RoboForex broker?

    Of course many things I learned at this forum. I get a lot of knowledge about the psychology of trading and how to know the weak points so that we can trade better. At the beginning I get a bonus from this forum, I spend it just because I made some mistakes that transact with currencies that I did not know.

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    III - I. Which type of platform do you use for trading forex?

    I'm from the initial study and practice of only using the MetaTrader4 platform. I do not know how to work on other platforms because I had to understand the workings of the MT4. Maybe if I was already well aware of the MT4 I will try to learn another platform.

    III - II. What currency do you usually use in trading?

    I began to learn in this business by using only the GBPUSD pair. I admit that I still do not understand about this pair, but I will continue to try and study hard to learn characteristics of this pair. Because it looks like GBPUSD pair is more interesting and has a higher degree of volatility than the other major pairs. Lately I'm studying how to trade in another pair like GBPJPY.

    III - III. Which payment systems do you normally use?

    I was told by a friend if I want to trade forex in a foreign broker, I have to choose a trusted payment merchant. In this case, my friend suggested to use FasaPay because it is very safe and quick transaction process. Additionally, any money that we draw from our trading account in the form of USD, will be converted automatically to IDR and directly transferred to our account.

    III - IV. When did you usually do trading?

    I usually trading at night after I finished with my work. But if I still have unfinished work, I usually just look at the chart without doing trading at midnight. Night time is the right time for me because the market is entering an American trading session, very appropriate for me that trading in GBPUSD pair.

    III - V. Technique, strategy, time frames, or any other things that you know about forex trading?

    For now, I only depend on candlestick analysis without using any indicator. I used to use the indicator but it is very confusing. Anyway, with my age now, I find it difficult to see the thin lines drawn in when I put my chart indicator. For the time frame, I use the M30 to H1 time frame just because I can not see the consistency of a time frame that is smaller than that. For another thing, I still do not really know and understand, because I am now in the process of learning the core.

    - - - Updated - - -

    IV - I. What do you think about RoboForex broker?

    In my opinion, this broker is trustworthy and reliable in dealing with any client who are having problems or difficulties. What I like is when I was contacted by customer service and he spoke Indonesian. It is certainly surprising because foreign brokers have tried hard to serve its clients in Indonesia by recruiting Indonesia itself as one of its service costumer.

    IV - II. Any advantage you can get from a broker or this forum?

    Many things that I can get here. Besides I get information and knowledge about forex, I as a client is also given a bonus if I follow the forum and post in this forum. Each post should follow the rules if you want to get paid. As the proverb says "while diving, we can also drink the water" or "once a paddle, 2 and 3 islands exceeded", which means I can learn and collect bonus for trading.

    IV - III. Are you going to invite friends, children, or your family the others to follow this business?

    It is still much consideration because I think it is not easy to run this business because it takes a high concentration and also, the capital. At a minimum we should have an internet connection and a laptop or PC. If we are doing this business with just a smartphone, we will experience many difficulties and other features that will not be easily seen.

    IV - IV. If you are given the option to provide the level of satisfaction, how many stars would you give?

    On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, I would give it 4 stars for this broker. Why do I only give it 4 stars instead of 5, because I'm still new at this broker. However, I will immediately give it 5 stars if I win this contest hahahaha.

    IV - V. Is there anything else you want to write about your experience?

    I think enough, because I did not have much spare time and tomorrow I also had to work in the morning. Luckily I opened the garage near the house so it does not matter if I get up a little lunch. But it was also not possible because I've had to take my son off to school.

    Thank you for your attention. Hopefully the story that I made this provides a bit of entertainment and information about my experience of trading in Indonesia. Although I join this contest in the last dates, I still hope of members of the other to give your thumbs. I would greatly appreciate it, especially from members of Indonesia. Thank you and good luck.

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    Excellent, another contestant from Indonesia. How is it going sir? Just saw you here and shared great contents of the thread. Keep up a good work and good luck for all of us here.

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    nice topic, sir. you also provide some pictures here so everything is complete. so far there are 4 members who participated this contest. hope we're the one who win this contest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silhouette View Post
    At first, I plan to invest my funds to a local broker in my town.
    Foreign brokers still better than local brokers till now especially for traders who don't have big money for deposit.
    Quote Originally Posted by Silhouette View Post
    After I was browsing on the internet about the differences between the foreign broker and local broker, I find it advantageous to foreign brokers because traders are free to trade without having to think of the commission to be paid to a broker or market movements are jammed due to the connection to the server platform that is problematic.
    Not only about commission and server connection problem, there are many things

    I trade since a few years ago when there is no strict rule for Indonesian traders to trade in foreign brokers, but then there is a new rule from the government that makes them block some foreign brokers who do not get permission to operate in Indonesia, but we can still access them through vpn.

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