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    Lightbulb Trading opportunity in Pakistan

    First of all i introduce my self and tells my story how i come to the trading my name is Sheza Hareem and belongs to Pakistan , as we all know that the pakistan is suffering at this moment and terrorist activities in my country is held time to time and people are suffering financially and poverty rate is high in my country and people not eat two time bread and many educated people have job less . when i will complete my study and start to job in a bank but after two year i will kicked out form the bank and reason is that i have no fund to give the corruption to my officer then i will be the job less and then i start to searching such kind of the business where i earn some money to full fill my daily this way i will find the such source of income where i earn the money i think it is hope for the jobless people like me to earn the money.

    The trading session :
    I normally trading in the London session but for me the important thing is that find the trend of the market because i believe that if you have find the moment of the market well then you have the good chance to make the profit secondly you will avoid from the loss , although i think London session is best time for the trading because this time that market is volatile. but the major thing that i think important is that when will your find the trend of the market that is the right time for us to make the profit.
    How i learn the trading in my country:
    I think in my country there are small opportunity to learn the trading because as a trader we not find any big insinuation to learn the trading and mostly trader in my country are self learner but i think the forex forums are the best source to learn the trading in my country secondly i think the some professional trader also make the small institution in the country to promote the trading but they get huge fees to learn the trading which is not right way to learn the trading , so i being a trader think the big source to learn the trading is robo forum and seminars which induct the robo broker time to time. where as my experience of concern i will learn the trading totally my self although i think it is very difficult and some time i get the big losses but i never lose the hope in my trading career i believe that it is the business where we have the hope and we continue struggle in the business then we made the success and now i have three year experience of the trading with the different brokers and i think robo is best broker and i will enjoy to work with this broker.
    People know the meaning of forex.
    I think the mostly people know the meaning of the forex trading it foreign currency exchange market of the world and mostly people of my country know about the meaning of the trading but hear normally the people think that the forex is gambling market or gambling business which is the wrong concept i think it is because the mostly people get the lost lack of knowledge so that's why the trade blindly and that's why they thing it is gambling. i think the 10% people know the meaning of the forex market but the success rate is very low in my country.
    My friends or relative dining the trading.

    Yes my friends and relative doing the trading i will motivate the people toward the trading i think i am the only persons when i start the trading , now i bring my friend and relative toward the trading.
    Payment system:
    The payment processor which is mostly used in my country is payza , Webmoney , perfect money ,skril where the paypal is not working in my country.
    Instruments popular in my country:
    I think Internet and mobile phone , laptop and tabs are the instruments which is popular in my country now and mostly people of my country know to use them.

    Plateforms used mostly :
    MT4 trading platform is mostly used in my country and mostly follow trader used this platform to doing the trading in my country.
    Popularity of the robo broker
    I think the robo broker is mostly popular in my country now and i think it have the simple reason because it is broker which motivate the newbies trader and help the trader whom have the small investment and even you start the trading with the no investment because the robo give you the bonus to start the trading and fourm is also helpful to learn the trading so in my country which have lot of problem and poverty and unemployment is big problem so that's why robo is provide them the big opportunity to start own business so it is mostly popular now a days.

    Reviews about roboforex:
    I think it is most reliable broker which help the newbies trader to doing the trading and i think it provide the most unique opportunity to the small trader to start the trading i think the most uniques thing about the robo and other broker is that robo is promote the trading and motivate the small trader toward the trading and it have the small spread as compared to the trading where the other broker have need good investment to start the trading.

    Interesting thing of my country:
    The interesting thing is that people need the such kind of the business where then can earn money and invest money to grow money so i think my country is the best place to doing the trading because people interested to doing the business but the need is that we promote and give the basic knowledge of the trading and i suggest to robo broker that they will open the branches in different city of my country and give the basic knowledge of the trading and also held free seminar time to time in my country i think in this way more people come to the trading.

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    Nice to see the first contestant from otherside of nigeria and Indonesia :)..
    Good writing to read, but where is the picture about the topic? that is one of criteria to win this contest :D

    talking about Pakistan, yes, ur country always become one of the country where terorist always make their action. Wish Pakistan can be safe from them :)
    greeting from Indonesia Guys.

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    Greetings from Indonesia, sir
    It is good to know that there is a new participant who joined the contest and came from different country besides Indonesia. I wish to see some other participants from other countries because in this forum there are lot of active members who surely come from somewhere, right? By the way, nice writings. Hope to see more contents with some pictures in here before the contest finish sir. Wish you luck then.

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