the name of my country is Nigeria, it is quite wonderful that this opportunity can still be reaching unto us to be trading the forex market, why, because of this great grace of internet that just come over to us, in the previous time we are not having this privilege as computer is even difficult to come by,but recently like about 10 to 15 years ago with the incoming of the desk top computer, we begin to get awareness of the trading opportunity as a lot of seminars started to proliferating the nook and cranny of the country, recently with the incoming of laptop computer and mobile android phone, trading still come to a better level with a lot of people joining the business.
as people begin to learn and trading forex knowledge of the session to trade trade the market comes as we have the access tom eBook and know about the trading session, mostly the London session do give traders a lot of pips , traders in the country usually wait to trade then so as to get the opportunity of volatility of the market.
since the best way to do good in any business is to learn it, we learn the business from the internet through opening the demo account from the brokers website, but the best is to move closer to the expert, for instance some years ago in decided to trade the forex and i went to someone to teach me , but i later discovered that trading require we find expert not just anyone , as the forex market is a risky market that need good experience good knowledge, to trade there to success, then later in this recent years i need to move closer to another expert trader around , then i have the opportunity to get good knowledge of the business, and the previous inability to trade to profit become a thing of story.
Notwithstanding we do not have always champion but current champion trader need not to stop learning in the business it should be a continuous process and the exercise that need updating daily, so when there is seminars around i still try to attend and this sharpened my knowledge the more.
As at the time when i found it difficult to have head way in trading, i always like to run away from platform of trading, but the moment I got another mentor in trading guiding and training me the trading activity becomes an addictive things to me, i don't do without trading in a week and especially during the day time,because of low movement of the market in the night.
despite the fact that we have this great business around in the country a lot of people are still languishing in poverty why? many people fear the business because they didn't move closer to it and lern it to get better experience of it, they are just hearing about it and the risk involves, then to me the taste of the puddle is eating, before i know about this business well i have the same notion, some do not know how to go about funding the account, some thought the internet money my be a fraud at the end of the day, but all these they need to be enlightened. some even so wondered what traders are doing in forex , they questioned , What is forex and how can one buy and sell currency, some thought it is the same as gambling, up till today many could not be convinced of trading the forex market, well the evidence of the success of us here in this field today will create the traders of tomorrow, as we all know the reality of the business.
now with the economy of the nation now a lot of people are now interesting in the business, and looking for the way to get involve in learning in the foreign exchange market(forex)a lot of them are now using the privilege of joining the forum to get some bonus for them also to try trading is if thing then get better they invest their money latter.
Friend and family who do not like trading forex in the old day have now been joining forex trading with the better experience and testimonies of the few traders around,with time i am so much belief that this business will be popular than what we see presently.
Forex trading funding of account is now easier than ever before because people have to open a domiciliary account before you can fund the account but the incoming of various e wallet means of payment traders have the convenience to do all thing easily.
Mt4 trading platform is the platform most trader uses and this is only one i am used to as my mentor do talk that we still have others like mt5 but i have not once use that to trade ,and not so common.
Most brokers are even introduce the mt4 to traders, among the brokers that make things easier for people in this country is Robo forex and the broker become popular as he start the forum with the traders and lot of friends in Nigeria is now joining the broker ,
Now, what make the traders to show interest most in any broker is the platform of trade, i will like to advise the authority of the company or this industry to make the platform better by including the lower lot as from 0.01 cent to give traders better choice of volume to trade with.
Also the industry will do well to create awareness more by having the office in the country if there is none before and also to publish throughout the internet.