Trading opportunities in Indonesia
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Thread: Trading opportunities in Indonesia

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    Trading opportunities in Indonesia

    Hey guys

    First of all, I would like to say a lot of thanks to the Administration of the RoboForex forum for holding a brand new type of contest in this forum. It is a great opportunity for me to participate this contest and I wish the best to all participants here. Well, let us just straight to the point. Here we have to make various approaches to trading based on our countries. I will begin my own story of trading experience with RoboForex. It has been rough years for traders in Indonesia due to several issues from the government itself. For privacy reason, I have blocked some pictures below only in the faces.

    My name is Azis Muslim and I used it as my username in this forum too. I am from Indonesia, in Medan City that located in North Sumatera. I have been trading with RoboForex and joined this forum since September 2013. So it has been a quite experience here with this broker and great forum. Here is the location of where I live in Indonesia. I am using Google Maps so people will find it easily where I live.

    How I connect to RoboForex website and Forum?
    I always use internet connection through my modem and laptop. I browsed both RoboForex website and RoboForum with Google Chrome browser without using any proxy IP at the first time. But unfortunately I have to use it because, started per November 25th 2013, the Bappebti (National Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency) through Kominfo(Communication and Information Department) in Indonesia has blocked internet access from almost all foreign brokers using Trust+ and Nawala DNS. Check the link below to see the proof.

    That Trust+ and Nawala DNS used to block such illegal or gambling sites, but why such foreign brokers which is legally regulated also blocked from Indonesia in this modern age of internet and investment? As Indonesian I just have my thoughts and opinions, never have a question to that answer. Well then, let us just leave the previous cases because it has been solved by using proxy add-on and until now I can access RoboForex and the Forum freely.

    And this is what happen if I turned off the proxy extension in my Google Chrome, I am unable to connect even to RoboForum.

    Why the Communication and Information Department in Indonesia blocked the access to RoboForex?
    Well, it is not only RoboForex websites that has been blocked in Indonesia’s server or IP address. There are lots of other websites that are legally around the world has been blocked too, limiting Indonesian to access the websites. The government said through the Department that they have to do that in order to close illegal websites which has inappropriate contents for kids or people below +18 and law in Indonesian such as gambling and adult sites.

    But this idea was limiting Indonesian people to access the legal sites such as forex brokers and many more. This method not only blocked the illegal sites but also the legal sites too. Once the authorization has been made, local internet service provider apply this settings and start blocking websites. I got 2 links and some screenshots regarding this issue. Check it.

    Most people in Indonesian, especially those who use internet as their main income for living, start getting mad to government and most of them give their petition to online websites and complain to National Department that handles corruption in Indonesia to check if there is any corrupt problems between Departments or government officials. Here one of many comments from an Indonesian trader I got in another forum discussions about this issue.

    Which trading session(s) I always use to trade in Indonesia?
    In Indonesia, there are 3 different timezones. They are West, Central, and East timezone. Medan is in West timezone so it uses GMT+7. In this timezone, I can trade all the trading sessions because it is 4.00 AM in the morning when market open and market is about to enter the Asian trading session. I also never got any problem with other session. European session comes approximately at 2.00 PM and American session also comes approximately at 7.00 PM.

    But when we focus on the smaller view and reduce it only to Indonesia, there are 3 timezones we can see here through the screenshot below.

    How do you know about forex trading?
    At first, I learned my trading experience and simple things about forex trading from my job as a financial consultant in local broker back in 2013. My job was to attract people to be the company’s client then describe them what is forex and the benefits of trading in the company, then tell them to deposit their funds and trade their money. Financial consultant (FC) is like an IB job to promote brokers but FC not only to promote or attract people but also trade their money too. That is why most cases in Indonesia came from local brokers that people been tricked or fooled by their FC’s and lost their whole money they have invested in the broker.

    Since I was unable to attract any clients and got no salary from the company. I decided to quit the job and start learning forex on my own by browsing through internet. I found out many sources of knowledge and brokers to work with. Fortunately, I found RoboForex Forum and then I registered here approximately in September 23rd 2013. I learned a lot of new informations and trading strategies in this forum and in the next month, I got my first payment of bonus to trade.

    What is your first expectation in this RoboForum and what are things you can get?
    From this forum, I also learned trading psychology learning especially from Value trader through his online webinar. Value trader is the only Educator in this forum has shared a lot of threads which teach traders about the whole things that related to forex trading.

    I like all his threads but the only thing that makes me always remember him is his thread of FOMO – Fear of missing out. It is because that a lot of people suffered this FOMO condition.

    Value trader
    Fear of missing out

    Besides him, there are some other members in this forum who have created threads and share their strategies and psychology which I learned a lot from them. They are taharoyal52, rinaji, and elena. Thanks a lot guys for your great shares in here, I am really appreciate your threads in this forum by sharing such valuable informations. From them, I learned a lot of strategy which supported by screenshots and detailed analysis.

    Inverted Head and Shoulders trading strategy!
    VH Indicator
    The Golden System
    My Daily Analysis Price Action Strategy
    Trend-Line trading strategy!
    Harmonic Trading

    Simple Support and Resistance (Dynamic and Static) part 1
    Playing with the logic in trading

    3 candle strategy

    to be continued ...

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    Hey guys,

    Allow me to continue my trading experience and opportunities from Indonesia. Please bear in mind and I repeat the same words in here that for privacy reason, I have blocked some pictures below only in the faces. Any information in this thread is solely for contest purpose, not only to judge anyone, Department, Companies, or anything. Please All Moderators and Administrator of RoboForum to accept this thread because this is what truly happened in Indonesia. Let me proceed to the next phase.

    How long do you trade on forex market now? Do you have another learning methods from another person?
    For now it has been almost 3 years of experience in forex market. I know that was a little experience and I admit it that I still have to learn things everyday. The truth and to be honest, I have lost so much bonuses in this forum and blown so many accounts during my trading performance. I do not have be shamed to share this because I think that is normal, for a trader who learn things about forex trading on his own.

    To answer the next question, yes I have learned another methods of trading from another person outside this forum. It is because I think that self-learning is a little bit difficult, I decided to browse the internet and facebook’s group and finally found a forex trading community called Rumah Sehat Forex which located in Java province. I asked their member about the community and discussed many things with him (to brother Krisna).

    Fortunately, few months later they came to Medan, Sumatera Utara and that was a big opportunity for me to participate and learn there. Of course it was not free and there were terms to join the seminar, that was to register as a new client in their broker and deposit to trade for real. It was really worthy because I got a lot of knowledge from live trading made by the masters who taught the information about forex trading. This picture below was taken when I and other people who joined the seminar listened to the educators. Check the picture below, I was wearing brown shirt, sit with sad face because I got floating negative positions due to my own mistakes by cross-trade against the educator.

    What do you get from the forex community?
    From this community, I learned a strategy and mindset of forex trading and this was the reason why I created a trading journal in this forum. The strategy I used there was the strategy I got from the community. There are lots of trader who participated the seminar and we learned and shared each other about forex trading. By the way, I was the youngest trader amongst them all.

    The learning process did not stop only at the seminar. There were few meetings made after the seminar that only run for 3 days. There was an IB who also taught me many things which very detailed and specific about the strategy I am using now. I came to his place almost everyday to learn things and share the trading ideas with each other. He was an excellent trader because he got the knowledge straight from the master himself. Live learning is what makes me a good trader now.

    Look at the picture above. The one who gave the live trading session is Mr. Abdul. He is a good educator until now and he keep encourages people through his Facebook profile to keep practice and learn without giving up so easily when we are trading forex.

    Who teach you about the strategy? Who are they?
    There are some traders who have taught me a lot of things and secrets of their strategy. I also wrote it before that we have met not only in the seminar but also every day after that. That is why the information I got from them is very complete and precise. Currently there are 1 only master who found out this strategy by himself and share this to others which make them as his IB or account manager in his broker.

    Take a look at this picture below. There are 2 men in the middle, the first man with black t-shirt is my master Mr. Aryandi and next to him is the educator Mr. Abdul and a manager too. Below them, there are 2 IB’s which has taught me more detailed information right after the seminar days finished. One with the black shirt and the other wear the brown shirt and his name is Krisna which I called him as big brother and another man who got a beard named Mr. Basri.

    A broker? Did your master has opened a broker on his own?
    Yes he did. He have a broker which he is the founder and make his friends as the managers and IB. Mostly they travel just around in Java Province but at 2015 they came to Medan, North Sumatera and held a seminar. He is the one who shared this strategy from approximately in 2008 even until now, I got his updates almost every day from his Facebook’s profile. This is the picture of him in our last day of seminar.

    He is the one in the middle wearing black t-shirt and his name is Mr. Aryandi aka the master and the founder of strategy called Forex Consistence Profit. Next to him with grey t-shirt is his friend and also the educator Mr. Abdul. Below there is a man with beard and brown shirt, he is an IB of the broker and his name is Mr. Basri. Me? I am in the right with black shirt next to the educator.

    How many peoples from your country know about forex? Do you have any friends or family who trade forex?
    There are no exact numbers of people who know about forex in Indonesia. Let me give the easier example, around my family and friends, there are just few people who know about forex and they think that forex has the same meaning as stock exchange. This means that forex trading is not well-known because when we talk about forex, people will react and think about stocks. According to a website in internet, there are approximately 350k – 400k accounts of forex traders. While the number of active forex traders reached more than 75k in Indonesia.

    Family? No I do not have any family that trade forex or even stocks. But there is 1 of my friend that trade forex and got more experience than I did. That is it, surely means that forex trading is not an interested business among most people in my family and friends because they think that forex is a very high risk job to do yet has high profitability. The more I suggest them and ask them to trade, the more they ignore my advice.

    to be continued ...

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    Hey guys,

    I am back with more extended story. Well I can not upload them all due to limitation of images and characters per post so I will add them in my replies with new contents. I am not tired to keep writing the same words that please All Moderators and Administrator of RoboForum to accept and understand this thread because this is what truly happened in Indonesia. Any information in this thread is solely for contest purpose, not to judge anyone, Departments, Companies, or anything. Let me proceed to the next phase.

    Which payment systems do you use and which one is the most popular in your country?
    As we know that RoboForex has a lot of payment systems to make their clients choose freely what they like both to deposit or to withdraw their funds. I personally use WebMoney as my payment system to withdraw the profits made from my account. It is because WebMoney only take seconds to transfer fund between accounts and has tight security. Every transaction made and every time we log in, WebMoney requires a SMS confirmation to proceed so hackers will find it difficult to steal people’s money unless they also steal people’s cellular and get the confirmation code too.

    This is my last withdrawal with RoboForex through WebMoney payment system. I know that it has a lot of delay because I request the withdrawal not in proper time. If I request the withdrawal in business hour, it will be executed within minutes. By the way this is my new account because all my old accounts has been achieved due to trading inactivity.

    In Indonesia, a lot of people discuss and share about FasaPay as their payment system. It is because FasaPay also has tight security and the web was created by Indonesian too. FasaPay has an instant way of transferring fund just like WebMoney. But the best thing from FasaPay, we can withdraw the money from the FasaPay account straight to our bank’s account even the currency of the money is in Dollar. FasaPay will automatically convert it to Rupiah and transfer the fund to member’s bank account.

    Another security reason is that FasaPay website use https instead of http only. Both the website and my antivirus ensure the security to the members that FasaPay is absolutely safe and trustworthy. I think this payment system is the most favorite one among all kind of payments even the wire transfer.

    Which instruments are the most popular or well-known in Indonesia? How do people know about forex trading?
    I can not give the accurate answer about this question because the answer will be vary between each traders. Otherwise, if we are discussing the common people who have not trade the forex yet, the answer will be very interesting to know.

    For traders in Indonesia, some might said that they like to trade all the pairs, while others like to trade with major pairs only, and the rest might said that the best instrument is Gold. I got the information from many forex discussion in the internet where Indonesian traders gathered. The conclusion from there which I get it now is no matter what pair you use to trade, as long as it helps you makes profit, it is a good pair.

    For me, the most popular instrument is EURUSD. That is my one and only pair to trade in forex. I know that other pairs has higher volatility but EURUSD is the only pair that suits my strategy very well. I do not have any other type of strategy to be applied in other pairs so I will stay at this pair no matter what happen. You can see my trading journals here in this forum and see which pair I always used to trade, yes it is only EURUSD. Do not know where it is? Here is the link to my journal.

    Do not focus only on the first post of the thread. Try to carry on reading the ending posts or in the middle and see the progress. Self evaluation is better than judging people's mistake, right? Cheer up people.

    Which trading platforms are the most popular in Indonesia? What are yours?
    As we know that there are some trading platforms we can use to trade and each platform has each own unique and different between each other. I think, among all platforms like MT4, MT5, cTrader, WebTrader, or any other platform, most traders not only in Indonesia like to trade with MetaTrader4 and we can simply write it MT4. It is because MT4 has simple learning to understand to work with and most people used this platform on their first time trading.

    For me, I like to trade a lot in cTrader platform. Thank goodness that RoboForex has this type of platform so I can open a demo account and trade there. I would like to deposit my own fund someday with this platform and open a new account with cTrader because I very like to trade with it. I remembered I have created many accounts before but now I consistently use an account which is for training procedure. Once I got some extra money, I will deposit there.

    I took the screenshot on Sunday, that is why market was closed and there is no movement there.

    to be continued ...

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    Hey guys,

    I am continuing my thread. I can not add more posts quick because the system will cause my current post merged with the previous one, you know that two post are merged each other with "updated" word? I am sure you do. Before I proceed my posts, as I always remind here many times that any information in this thread is solely for contest purpose, not to judge anyone, Departments, Companies, or anything. Let me proceed to the next phase.

    Kominfo (Communication and Information Department), what is wrong with brokers blocking idea?
    According to the page I see in here that Trust+ is the secure and safe way for Indonesian to browse the internet and to avoid malwares or hackers attack? Sure, probably. Let us take a look at the first view of the webpage below and let me explain this one by one.

    1. Safe and healthy internet
    This Trust+ really do its job because it has successfully blocks illegal contents and websites which has malwares to infect anyone who visit the sites. It works only to listed websites that has been set in its system. I know about a parental software keylogger for parents who got PC or laptop in their house and let their children use it in surveillance and automatically blocked inappropriate contents. I think that is how it works.

    2. Protection
    Once again, this method only blocks websites which only listed in its system. If there are anythings new in Internet, it will not be automatically blocked and most people would be able to access it until their employee who work in government smell things wrong and act. I can easily say that my anti virus protect me more than this one.

    3. Savings
    Waste of time, really. It is because once I browse the internet with or without the proxy, such wasteful use of internet utilization still show up. For example, if it provides that "savings", why there are advertisings show up, pop-up, direct-downloaded content, phisings, or things like that. First of all, I will say this one more time that my anti virus do more security about this.

    Reasons why you should avoid trading with Indonesian brokers
    I am taking serious about this issue and I will let you all know about the truth that lies in Indonesian brokers. I use some ideas from some websites and from my own experience by working at Financial Consultant in local broker in Indonesia. Take a look at this.

    1. Leniency in law enforcement
    All brokers that operating in Indonesia are regulated by the Bappebti (Commodity Future Trading Monitoring Council). The Bappebti, unlike the UK Financial Authority (FCA) rarely gives sanctions to its members if any of them do some mistakes or trick their clients. The sanctions are often lenient, with only warning letters or small amount of fine.

    2. No fund coverage for clients
    There is no funds coverage or funds compensation for client who trade in a broker who just got bankrupt. Unlike FCA which covers each client's fund up to GBP 50k or CySec which covers up to EUR 20k in case of broker bankruptcy.

    3. Fixed rate
    Before you want to trade with Indonesian brokers, they will provide you this information that they (each and every of them) use fixed rate of USD/IDR. The rate is Rp. 10k per $1.00 which does not make any sense for people who knows a lot of things about forex market. That is why their target are people who got plenty of money but has no wide knowledge about forex which can be tricked so easily.

    The fact that IDR value is keep raising against the USD and we must use this fixed rate? No way! I remember my manager once said that "fixed rate is very useful in case IDR value drop sometime to IDR 9k or less for $1.00". At first I only scratch my head because I do not know about it yet until I realize months after that it was all lies and stupid idea. By the way, last time I checked that for $1.00 equal to IDR 13.500.

    4. High spread and commision
    My previous broker once had 5 pips spread in major pairs and the commissions per 1 standard lot is $50. How's you react to this? And I heard that they delete the commission payment but increase the spread to 10 pips in major pairs. Well, it was equally as insane as before.

    5. High margin and low leverage only
    Indonesian brokers only allowed its client to trade with only 1:100 leverage. This means that every 1 standard lot traded, it requires $1k margin. Wow

    6. High minimum deposit to trade
    I remembered that broker where I used to work had $5k minimum amount of deposit and they said for "security reasons of trading" new clients should deposit up to $10k. They only got standard account with 1:100 leverage at that time. But now I browse the internet that most Indonesian brokers now decrease its minimum amount of deposit to $500 and clients can open micro account not the standard with minimum lot size per trade is 0.1. I do not know about the spread or the commission, I guess it is already included too.

    to be continued ...

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    Hey guys,

    Here I am again to continue my thread with more new contests and ideas on trading opportunities in Indonesia. Many many many times I remind you guys and all the Moderators and Administrator that any information in this thread is solely for contest purpose, not to judge anyone, Departments, Companies, or anything. At this post I will close the case of brokers from Indonesia.

    Account's information from Indonesian brokers.
    Previously I have shared about a Department in Indonesia that use Trust+ to block all access both to illegal and legal sites such as foreign brokers and even the forums and everything that related to forex outside Indonesia. In this opportunity, I would like to add one more thing about the issue that make Indonesian find it difficult to trade with foreign brokers. I got a screenshot from one of "regulated" broker in Indonesia about account information. Check this out, guys.

    See this screenshot? This is from one of regulated brokers in Indonesia and it is licensed and regulated by Bappebti only. I did not do any edits on it, it is pure screenshot and it is real. You guys can check it by browsing the internet on your own if you do not believe me. Like I wrote earlier, let us get over it and start another topic.

    How popular and famous is the RoboForex Company in your country?
    I think that only few traders know about RoboForex Company because we can see it every day and every time in this forum that there are only few traders that came from Indonesia. And besides, it is very hard to recognize that someone come from Indonesia or any countries because they did not share their location to others in their profile. There is one other methods to recognize where I can find Indonesian traders, yes in ContestFX page.

    I wish this could encourage RoboForex to suggest all members in this forum to write down their whole information in order to complete their profile. Sharing the location does not have any relation to privacy, I guess. Once we write down our countries or location where we live below our username in this forum, others people will find it easily to recognize people from the same country and we can easily learn and discuss things about forex.

    Well, if there are members in this forum that do not know where to edit the location, I will explain it here. Click on Settings next to My Profile. Next, click on Edit Profile in My Profile tab. After that, scroll down the pages because the information is located in the bottom. You will see Additional Information. Fill the second column with your location. If you think that it is a privacy, at least fill in your country where you come from. Simple, is not it? Check the screenshot below for better clearance.

    How many types of account do you have in your Member Area?
    Well, I got some accounts which divided to 3 types of account. They are contest accounts, real accounts, and demo accounts. Contest accounts are used to participate the contest that RoboForex hold. I am participating all the contest so I got all the accounts registered there. Real accounts are used to trade with real money. But in my Member Area, those real accounts are solely used to trade the bonus which I got from forum.

    And the last account type is demo, yes I created 3 demo accounts which 2 accounts are in MT4 platform and the rest is with cTrader. There is 1 only active demo account in MT4 because I have blown another account so I decided to create a new one. I create those demo accounts for training and practice purpose. I set the deposit in my demo accounts, firstly on MT4 I set it with 20k and set the cTrader account with 1M amount of deposit. Why I set a lot of deposit? Because I do not want to waste my time creating more and more accounts just because I lost them. Think about how precious the time is.

    What are reviews about RoboForex in Indonesia?
    Yes there are lots of reviews which can be found in many websites in Indonesian language. There are several links to the website that has an excellent reviews about RoboForex. They are:
    and many more.

    Most traders in Indonesia also attracted with the contests that RoboForex hold and there are not only one contest but there are 4 contests at a time. While doing contest, traders can post in forum in order to gain bonus then transfer it to their account to trade and make profits. To be honest, most Indonesian traders like free bonus money to trade and make money. Only some traders trade by their own funds.

    Do you have any problems when you are trading?
    So far, my only problem when I use MT4 is the requotes problem. I often got it whenever I trade in high volatility after a high impact news released. Well, that was not a big issue because I can handle it by keep pushing the One Click Trading at the top and left corner in my chart until it execute my order. And also this is sometime very disturbing me, when my cat jump on me and step on my laptop or just sit in front of me then block my view so I can not continue my work. The solution is to give the cat a little distraction so she can get down.

    This picture was taken recently in 2016.

    There is also one thing that makes me a bit confusing and difficult to trade because I used to handle 2 laptops and sometime with 1 PC to trade and to post. I am posting only with this username and trade another accounts with different broker in different laptop or PC. Sometimes it is getting dizzy to trade the market during the high impact news release. Fortunately this issue was solved because now I currently work with only 1 laptop and do both posting and trading at the same laptop.

    This picture was taken in 2015.

    to be continued ...

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    Hey guys,

    In this chance, I will (try) to give an ending post of my thread. If I got another idea, I will add them as soon as possible. But for now, I am going to share few things regarding this question below.

    Is there any interesting information you can tell us about trading in your country?
    Well, discussing about interesting things about forex trading in my country, yeah I got some ideas about that in my mind. Here I will share some fun facts about Indonesian traders and I admit it by myself too, it is because I am an Indonesian.

    1. Bonus or free money
    Most of traders in Indonesian like every campaigns or promotions from any brokers in the world which give them opportunity to trade without risk and no need to deposit their own fund. I saw there are some groups in Facebook and some other community which has the member as free-bonus hunter.

    2. Reactions after suffered from stop out
    Indonesian traders are low-profile between each trader and I rarely found that any trader show his arrogant attitude by look down other traders just because he trade better than most people. And the fun fact from Indonesian trader is when they got stopped out, they will share their lost account through his profile and add some screenshot about it. Most people will laugh at him because some of them also suffered the same stop out. This often occurs after high impact news released such as NFP or FOMC. This makes people forgot the pain and laugh each other.

    3. Strong relationship between each other
    As we all already know the truth that Indonesian trader has face rough problem by trading in foregin brokers, they tends to work together and keep giving information about things to each other for free. It is because most of them trade on their own and their risk, so they have no relation to the government. But due to blockade of foreign brokers, this also makes me and another Indonesian trader who trade with foreign brokers are illegals traders according to National law. You know that what are legals outside, does not always mean that they are legals inside.

    4. Low profile and good attitude from the experienced traders
    From all members of community or groups of forex trading, there must be some traders who have an excellent experience and trading result. People will easily realize them and they called it with "master" before his real name. This make them acts so polite and humble because they will say that they are just beginners and we here studying together. No matter how good they are, they keep saying that they are beginners and always learn things everyday.

    5. Have profit sharing system
    In some group of community, there are always traders who got a lot of profits and withdraw them, they will share some of their money to other members in that community or groups through various way and methods, such as free Dollars in some payment system, buying snacks or drinks, vouchers, or phone's credit balance. They are shared among all members, not to specific people.

    6. Neighborhood's reaction to forex trader
    This often happened not only in my place or province, but also in all province in Indonesia. We know that forex traders, especially the full time trader, spent almost all day and night in front of computer then trade the market and make money. But this is not always welcomed by most people, especially those who have any knowledge about what is forex. People mostly think this way "How could a man make a lot of money but he has not come out from his house or do some jobs outside?" or this "How can he get the money without working? he must be a shaman, paranormal, witch doctor, etc. that get the money by doing magical things".

    Believe me, this is real thing in Indonesia. Because people commonly thinks that to get money, people must work outside their house then go back home after they finish their job. For forex traders who trade in their house, it does not make any sense to them that is why they will usually react that way before. Even in the modern age of Internet and world global market, people in Indonesian still respect in traditions and old-saying from their parents or family.

    Well, I think that is all for now. Thank you for your great time spent by reading my long threads. I remind this for the last time that any information(s) in this thread is solely for contest purpose, not to judge anyone, Departments, Companies, or anything. I am sorry if there are many mistakes, errors, spellings or grammars in my thread because I am still young and need a lot of practice.

    More or less, all advice and suggestions are always welcomed in here. Feel free to do that. And if you find that this thread is interesting, please leave a thumb up in the left corner of my posts in my thread.

    Gamer's gonna game, player's gonna play, and trader's gonna trade. See ya

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    Great content.. You have given me much dose to read about already. Indonesians are great people. I have learnt some things as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sixteen View Post
    Great content.. You have given me much dose to read about already. Indonesians are great people. I have learnt some things as well.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a good reply here sir Sixteen. Indonesians are great traders and we will be greater if the government give us the freedom to choose any brokers to trade and also marked as legal traders too. If you find this useful, you may leave at least a thumb there in my thread. I would be very appreciate it.

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    wow, an Indonesian brother. hey dude, what a nice shares here. greetings from an Indonesian too, best of luck for us. keep sharing great posts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sascha View Post
    wow, an Indonesian brother. hey dude, what a nice shares here. greetings from an Indonesian too, best of luck for us. keep sharing great posts.
    Thanks for leaving such a good reply and thumbs here, Sascha. I saw you are participating on this contest too, it is good to know that. I wish that more from Indonesia are going to participate to this contest too.

    First of all, I would say a big thanks to Agustina for giving me a lot of thumbs in my thread. From your username, you are so familiar to an Indonesian name. I wish you participate to this contest too. I would also return the favor by giving my thumbs in your content. Big thanks, Agustina.

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