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    Wow.. you succesfully explain how forex grow in indonesia.. I believe that u will win this contest (Y)

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeldha View Post
    Wow.. you succesfully explain how forex grow in indonesia.. I believe that u will win this contest (Y)
    Thank you sir for such good post and leaving a thumb here, wish you luck then.
    No no I still got something to do to my thread, need more stuffs to add. I am still thinking what I am supposed to do, still need little bit time to make precise contents.

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    Hey guys

    I am back with some new contents. It seems that the contest is getting more challenging since the participant’s number is increasing and they got a lot of interesting contents to be shared through their threads. It makes me to add my own new material about my trading experience and opportunities from my country Indonesia which I have not added before in my previous post. Here are the contents, check this out.

    What are the information, experiences, and knowledges you gain from your community?
    Here I will share few techniques from my community which I got them from seminar and the other member who participate that seminar. Couple materials were copy-pasted to my laptop and they are legit, secret, and paid ones. This should not be shared for free but for contest purpose, I would do that and want everybody learn what I learn. There are few patterns to determine the market’s trend. These patterns only applies for Hourly time frame.

    1. Trend Up
    Market shows ascending movement with the following correction. Correction ratio usually takes half of the ascending movement. For example, if the ascending movement has 40-50% of the yesterday’s high and low price, the correction will be 20-30%.

    2. Trend Down
    The opposite from Trend Up, market tends to move descending and followed by the correction too. The percentage ratio was calculated from yesterdays high and low price.

    3. Recovery Up
    Market moves 40-60% up from the open market then go down as the correction below the open market for 30%. After that, market will move up again and will move sideways for sometime.

    4. Recovery Down
    The opposite from Recovery Up, market moves 40-60% down below the open market then go up as the correction, followed with several sideways movement after that.

    5. Rebound Up
    This pattern shows strong uptrend, the signal from 6 continuous bullish candles without any correction. After reaching the new high, market will go down for at least 90% of current upside movement.

    6. Rebound Down
    The opposite from Rebound Up, market firstly go down below the open market, move up, then go down again for more than 6 candles without any upside correction.

    7. Rally Up
    Has the same indication with Trend Up and Rebound Up, market tends to go up followed with some corrections, then finally reach the high with 6 candles without any correction. And just like Rebound patterns, it will go down for trend's changing for 90% from the current movement.

    8. Rally Down
    The opposite from the Rally Up, after market reach the new high or reach the target, it will go down for trend's changing for 90% from the current movement.

    to be continued ...

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    Hey guys

    Here I go again, back with some contents to add in my thread. I think I still got something new about my trading opportunities in Indonesia. I hope this would be the last posts of this thread from me about Indonesia and my trading experiences here with RoboForex too. I am out of ideas and I hope these contents are enough to make a good ending. Check this out, guys. I finally got some questions which will be answered below.

    What are the differences between RoboForum and other Forum in Indonesia?
    Before participating this forum, I also tested some other forum which has a lot of Indonesian members and we were allowed to write down things in Indonesian besides English. Some other forums also talking about forex trading which only allowed Indonesian as the members because the forum itself was purposely made for Indonesian.

    The payment or bonus system was not like this RoboForum. There are some difference between RoboForum and other Forum in Indonesia:

    1. Terms and conditions of profit withdrawals
    In Indonesian forum, once we get the bonus which paid weekly or monthly and make some profits with it, the bonus itself will be removed from our account and we should start over again and post in the forum, collect another bonuses to trade. This made a lot of people posted some junk posts and forced them to post meaningless replies which sometime made no sense.

    Unlike RoboForum which has monthly bonus payment and we can withdraw as many profits as we can. For more detailed information, you guys can check in here The main conditions of promotion “Communicative Bonus” or read my screenshot below.

    2. Low and slow response from the management
    Some forums in Indonesia has low and slow response from the management. If there was anyone who broke the rules, the management looks careless and did not do anything about it. That is why some rules were broken and along with the forum. Not all forums but some of them got this issue.

    Otherwise, RoboForum do the opposite. Here we got active Moderators and Administrator who handle this forum greatly. Not only that, this is the first and the only forum I know who have different types and assignment of each Moderators. That what makes this forum runs properly, everybody do their job perfectly and got their own task to do. One become an educator, contest manager, clients support, and many more.

    3. Unlimited posts per day
    In some forums in Indonesia, members can posts unlimited which will lead to bonus hunting and most of the posts are meaningless. The intention only to get the bonus, not to discuss any matters about forex trading. This is the biggest issue on every forum some people keep breaking this rules.

    Although I did not see any limitation to post in this forum, I never suggest anyone to make over post things in this forum, especially when they keep posting things without adding some quotes from other members who posted previously. For me, I only reply some posts that related to the topic and unusual. I do not like people writing the same things all over again because we here to discuss not only to get the bonus. I never like spammers.

    4. Auto-saved contents feature
    This is the most useful thing I can find in this forum which most forums not only in Indonesia but also other foreign forums do not have this feature. It is very useful for members to automatically save the contents we were typed before and we can simply recover our contents whenever our browser shut down suddenly due to electricity problems, internet connection issue, and other problems which caused our browser closed.

    It takes couple seconds for system to save our contents and whenever we return to the same link or thread which we lost the contents before, there are a button in the left corner below and we can click it then poof, all contents we typed before will be recovered perfectly. See also the yellow signs to know whether our contents are saved or not in the right side.

    5. Automatic translations
    In many forums, there are no automatic translations for members to understand the forum with their own languages. But here, we can easily get the forum translated to our preferred language. Well, it does not mean we can use our own language to post in this forum because we must use English no matter what happen. And one more thing, do not use any translation programs or software.

    In my screenshots, since I am from Indonesia and choose Indonesian as my preferred language, system will automatically shows that I am Indonesian and I can make my post which typed in English, if I use language BBcodes, other members who choose Indonesia will see my post translated to Indonesia. My profile, link to the forum website, and also my quick reply are in Indonesia.

    At last, we finally meet the ending. Thanks for all members who already gave their thumbs here in my thread, I really appreciate that a lot. And for other members who find this thread interesting, you may leave at least a thumb here especially if you are from Indonesia because we are here as brothers in forum. I would not forget to say thanks to the Administrator and Moderators who hold such contest in this forum. I hope we can see another contest in the next month of September.

    Thank you very much and have a nice trading day guys

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    Hey guys

    Here is the last and will be my review in this thread. When I was checking my thread and I found out that the first screenshot of mine was broken and only showed half picture. In this chance, I will re-upload the new image and add some other contents. I promise this is the last because tomorrow contest will end.

    My name is Azis Muslim and I used it as my username in this forum too. I am from Indonesia, in Medan City that located in North Sumatera. I have been trading with RoboForex and joined this forum since September 2013. So it has been a quite experience here with this broker and great forum. Here is the location of where I live in Indonesia. I am using Google Maps so people will find it easily where I live.

    Quick facts about Medan city
    Medan is the capital city of North Sumatera in Indonesia which located in the western time zone. Medan is following the same hours as Jakarta with GMT +7 just as Bangkok and Hanoi. In the quick facts above, you will see that there are some places, mosque, and palace which symbolized Medan and make its unique. I will just make it short because those places are not included in the part of my trading opportunities so let us just skip it.

    Is there any proofs why forex trading is not so famous in Indonesia?
    The answer is simple, it is because most businessman in my country make their investments already in stock market. I do not exactly why they prefer to choose stock over forex but one thing for sure, any information about forex trading is very limited in my country. Here I got some screenshots about the proofs in the Indonesia news website and see that stock market is more talked.

    See that running notices? It is running price of stocks in Indonesia. I do not see any complete information about forex there because the headlines mostly discussed about stocks here and stock there.

    Look at the news above, they are discussing about stocks, index, and economic informations and none of them were talking about forex trading or any currencies except IDR. There is just a review of exchange value of IDR from one of Bank in Indonesia. And here is another list of headline news I found in the website which provides no news about forex.

    I hope this is enough to show you all the proofs that forex trading is not so famous in Indonesia. Because all media does not provide such information about it unless we as the Indonesian search it by ourself. And hope this is good ending for my thread and I let the result on the Administrator and the Moderators to handle.

    Thanks for your great support guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azis Muslim View Post
    I personally use WebMoney as my payment system to withdraw the profits made from my account.
    How about Fasapay? I see fasapay can be used to withdraw and deposit in Roboforex, I am Indonesian, and I still use Webmoney, but is fasapay can be a consideration? Because the owner is also Indonesian. I read this thread from beginning to end, you are really a full trader. Greetings from me as an Indonesian too. Wish we luck always...

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    Could you please tell me, guys, what kind of payment system is most popular in Indonesia?
    Thank you in advance.

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