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Thread: The contest from moderators " Trading opportunities in different countries!"

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    The results of the contest "Trading opportunities in different countries"

    Contest winners*:
    1st place - 110$ - Azis Muslim per thread "Trading opportunities in Indonesia"
    2nd place - 90$ - nsawork
    per thread "Trading opportunities in INDIA"
    3rd place - 60$ -
    per thread "My trading opportunities and experience from Indonesia"
    4th place - 50$ -
    per thread "Trading Opportunity In Nigeria By Senorita"
    5th place - 40$ - Silhouette
    6th place - 30$ - zeldha per thread "Short Story about Forex And Me: Trading Opportunities in Indonesian"
    7th place - 20$ - cozard007 per thread "TRADING OPPORTUNITIES IN MY COUNTRY "NIGERIA""

    During the determination of the winners the board of moderators take into consideration such factors as:

    1. The quality of the left description.
    2. The completeness of the "Trading opportunities" description.
    3. Number and adequacy of photos, pictures.
    4. Activity of the members in the participant thread.
    5. The number of the left "Thumbs up!" in the thread.

    *Prizes will be credited in the form of forum bonuses.

    Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who participated in this contest!

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    great, i got the 5th place haha thanks for the contest and the prizes dear forum. totally love it. congratulations to all winners here.

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    Congrats to all the winners of this context. Utilize ur bonus to its fullest. Enjoy urselves because you merits it.

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    Though , i didn't win the contest but i thank the administrator for the privilege we are given , then i congratulate the winners.

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    To all winners , accept my congratulations, you did fantastic job, though i believe you could do better still, anyways enjoy the bonuses use the wisely.

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    I can not believe it I got the first place
    Thank you very much for the contest result and to Administrator and Moderators here. Wish to see another new contest in this forum. Congratulation to all winners here guys.

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    [lang=id]Woww.. I am 6th place.. Thanks roboforex.. And congrats to the winner :)[/lang]

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    Congratulations to all the winners in the contest and best of luck for the trading also

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    Congratulations for everyone who made this contest possible. For those who didn't win, never give up at least you have been noticed. Thanks everyone.

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