Dear forum users!

Administration of the forum announces the starting of a creative contest for traders " Trading opportunities in different countries!". The company RoboForex gathers together traders from all over the world. Different countries are characterized by various approaches to trading. Share with us the trading opportunities from your country.

Write a story in which try to answer to the most important questions regarding the tricks and principles of trading in your country. For this try to answer to following questions:

For example:

  • What is your country?
  • In what time do you trade? During which trading session do you trade (Asian, American, European, Pacific etc.)?
  • Where and how do you learn forex trading in your country?
  • Where have you learned trading? What is your experience? How long do you trade on forex market?
  • How many peoples from your country know the meaning of “forex”?
  • Do your friends or relatives trade on forex?
  • Which payment systems are popular in your country?
  • Which instruments are the most popular?
  • Which platforms are often used?
  • How popular and famous is the RoboForex Company in your country?
  • What are reviews about RoboForex?
  • What else interesting you can tell us about trading in your country?

This is not a whole list of questions. Share detailed information, add a photos and images. In this case, you will increase your chances of success.

Terms of contest:
The contest is held from 1 to 26 august 2016.
The contest results – 29 august 2016.
Accrual of bonuses – 31 august 2016.

For participation in contest you need to create a thread in section “Contest from moderators” and write you own story.
Please don't stop just on examples questions, because they can be very various and that's why your story is not almost limited in a volume. But remember, that for information learning is very important to avoid unnecessary lyrical digressions and the availability of images, which explain the idea of the author.

Requirements for story:
  • The story volume.
  • Readability
  • The story must be interesting.
  • Literacy.
  • Wit of story.
  • Presence of images.

Determination of the results:
The winners are defined by the Board of the moderators.

Criteria for assess contest threads:

  1. Accordance to the requirements of story
  2. Views number of user thread
  3. Quantity of “thank you” for each post.

1st place - 110$
2nd place - 90$
3rd place - 60$
4th place - 50$
5th place - 40$

6th place - 30$
7th place - 20$

*prizes will be accrued in forum bonuses.
You can ask all questions regarding the new contest in this thread.