Сontest from moderators “Good luck, beginner”
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Thread: Сontest from moderators “Good luck, beginner”

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    Сontest from moderators “Good luck, beginner”

    Dear forum users!

    Administration of the forum announces the starting of a creative contest “Good luck, beginner”! The new users register on forum regularly and their way is hard here and usually consist of the trial and error. That is why the advice of a more experienced user is necessary and useful.

    Write a story in which try to answer to the most important questions of the beginning trader. And they can have questions which are may be very different.

    For example:
    • What feedbacks does the company RoboForex have?
    • How to get No Deposit Bonus from RoboForex ?
    • Why do we need a forum for trader?
    • Which contest do we have on RoboForex forum?
    • How to open a forex trading account?
    • What is a difference between trader and investor?
    • How to choose a trading instrument?
    • What information is on the official website of the company RoboForex?
    • How to choose the strategy on Forex?
    • What is moneymanagement ?
    • What is a minimum deposit in RoboForex?
    • What is the trend on Forex?
    • How to choose a profitable EA?

    This is not a whole list of beginners’ questions. Even you still haven’t forgotten how you made this difficult work, that’s why you can remember which questions was interesting for you at the first place.

    Terms of contest:
    The contest is held from 05 to 31 May, 2016.
    The contest results– 02 June, 2016.
    Accrual of bonuses– 03
    June, 2016.

    For participation in contest you need to create a thread in section “Contest from moderators” and write you own story with selected question. You can choose one or two questions or you can briefly answer on few of them. In this case you need to create separate posts for each question and add it in the subject of post. Please don't stop just on examples questions, because they can be very various and that's why your story is not almost limited in a volume. But remember, that for information learning is very important to avoid unnecessary lyrical digressions and the availability of images, which explain the idea of the author.
    You can actively use links to appropriate sections or threads of forum. For example, if you write about contest, you should add a link to the terms of contest. If you describe one of forum section, you will add a link to it. Remember that for beginners it’s still hard to navigate on forum.

    Requirements for story:
    • The story volume - not less than 2500 characters without spaces.
    • Readability
    • The story must be interesting.
    • Literacy.
    • Wit of story.

    Determination of the results:
    The winners are defined by the Board of the moderators.

    Criteria for assess contest threads:

    1. Accordance to the requirements of story
    2. Views number of user thread
    3. Quantity of “thank you” for each post.

    1st place - 100$
    2nd place - 80$
    3rd place - 60$
    4th place - 40$
    5th place - 20$

    *prizes will be accrued in forum bonuses.

    You can ask all questions regarding the new contest in this thread.

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    one day gone and no one participated, some members eagerly trying to make bonus whereas here if you just participated , can have easily $100 in your hands.
    interesting contest - wish to see whose take courage to participate 1st.

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    I am leaving my words here first, sir. Gonna make a thread about this contest soon.
    By the way, may I make my own questions and answer them based on my own experience? Because I got few ideas about them, but I can not use them if I only have those questions above. For example, "what leverage is the best for beginners to trade?" Thanks.
    Last edited by Azis Muslim; 05-05-2016 at 10:57 PM. Reason: questions added

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    as usual one of the old forum fella ! gonna rock the party , wish you luck. table have to be fill , come on other guys join the party.

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    Hello Gamer sir I am in the list too, working upon my thread need some time

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    Quote Originally Posted by shambca7 View Post
    Hello Gamer sir I am in the list too, working upon my thread need some time
    let's see what's creativity you got , expecting something good

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    Done sir, I have created.....

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    i have done with mine
    please read with good attention as those had with the deeper on issue with the subject for the forum members as their presence with the online forum.

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    so far only 3 participants and some people say it's hard to make bonus, guys get join first you would have easy bonus at the end contest, make it joy , come on fill the table

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    i would like to participate this contest too, gotta make few things up first. wait for it.

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