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    Hello everyone, my name is Almond the owner of ASSASSINFXPortal. I trade, I share trade information. I joined this forum hoping to learn from you all.
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    Hello traders i am Kudus from nigeria 25yrs old i just started trading recently i don't have much experience with roboforex but i hope my stay with them will be a blessing thank you.

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    hi maria Shafaq

    i am new here so please guide me how we can earn money here.

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    Hey I am a new member here too. Hope will get new knowledges and experience and make friends with everyone.

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    Hi all. I am Nadia. I trade with Roboforex during 4 months. My average monthly income is 8.2% upon 2.66 lots traded. I use the fundamental analysis on a number of currency pairs representing developed markets. I am a position trader, my average trade lasts for 14 days. If you need a trading advice, please feel free to drop me a message.

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    Hi, guys, new here, hope to get useful informations and can share thoughts. Looking forward to this forum and its threads.

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    It's me, ya boy.

    A big stick swingin' Forex trader that doesn't take hostages!

    Okay, that was weird, but at least I made an entrance.

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    hello dear friend, i am new to this forum. a couple years ago I had traded using roboforex. for a little personal reason, I stopped using it. but during trading with roboforex there are no significant obstacles, all is great and i love it. This year I returned trading with roboforex. then my friend introduced me to this roboforex forum.
    I am a woman and from Indonesia and, also, i"m a beginner. I hope I am welcomed, and can learn many things in this forum.
    thank you to the admin, moderator and all traders in the roboforex forum.

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    Hi everybody. This is Engedi from Malaysia. I have been in Roboforex for few months now. So far so good. Glad to be with all the like-minded people here.

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    i'm Alexey trading above 4-5 years, most of them manually, right now working on algotrading and experimenting with EA

    opened here two cent account

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