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Thread: Is one Trading Strategy Enough?

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    Is one Trading Strategy Enough?

    I have issues on jumping from one strategy to the other hoping to get a stable system that will make good profits from me. It's really obvious that its not easy for me sticking to one system because every system have its downsides. As a trader how do you cope with a trading strategy. Do you stick with one system or you have more numerous system to trade with in any market condition.

    I have tried to focus on one but seems my risk is greater than my profits at the end and after some time I will even struggle to break even. How do you guys cope when it comes with a trading system, do you change them often or do you stick with a consistent wining system that have low risk of loosing up your capital.

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    Well, for me one trading strategy is good for the trader that knows how to make successful trading with it, if this strategy help the trader to make money then there is no necessary to trade with another strategy because trading with another strategy may not give the same results and may give less profits than that is made by the first strategy.

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