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    Web trading platform for a broker is just a way to make that that the customer that doesn't want to keep downloading the mt4trading platform they can login to there account and make quick trades that you can easily profit from

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    web trading is when you have a trading plat form without downloading where you just have to log in your accont and start trading forex it works well for you in all areas we know of that works well for you in every form we work for

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    I thin web trading mean that you will use the web software which directly connected you to the market i think it have some good tools and information for us secondly it will be specifically designed to doing the trading and have all the thing that we need to doing the trading so when we instal software it directly connected us to the trading trading and we can trade

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    Web rtrading is when you use the market and be sure that you trade without trading and downloading the platform we all have to work as hard and prove the different stands we all know of the work of a good trader is well involved in some of these but its very convinient and very practical

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    Web trading is access to your trading platform, without any download , these is through your trading web browsers so look at it, its better if you want to log in quick in your friends through your friends laptop and even in a cyber cafe. Its better but sometimes its tough due to poor connectivity

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    web trading is good for the trader that does not want to install meta trader on his computer and so instead he can use web trader on the browser without need to install any applications, it is a good option but i did not try it before because i prefer to use the meta trader because it is better for me and i think that i will trade better with it.

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    web trader means than for example you open any webpage on any platform like windows mac or mobile likewise you can also open your mt4 platform as web based in any kind of platform. it doesn't required any kind of installation or downloading. you just open the link enter your credential and start trading :)

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    search about webtrader on google and youtbe and you will learn more about it and try to oen ademo account with broker with have webtrading and practice well and i think its more helpful than mt4 and very useful...

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    Hello my friends
    Online Trading
    What is online trading?

    Trading over the internet
    For a long time under the Financial trading is only electronically between banks and financial institutions. This means that trading in the financial markets was closed to all those outside these institutions. With high-speed Internet development, it has become any all those who wish to participate in trading are able to do so online.

    It can be traded almost anything online: stocks, currencies, commodities, material goods, and a whole bunch of other things - at this stage, do not have to worry about what all these things. Now you have to keep in mind that if only there was something negotiable, will be traded. Within each of these markets, the forex market is the largest considered. It is trading at about $ 4 trillion of currency every day - that's bigger than any stock market anywhere in the world.

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    hello web trading on web such as Google , Firefox and opera and so , you can trade on mt4 on PC , mobile , os and iPhone easily through downloading mt4 from broker and installed and open account . Not all broker support the Web trader platform but some
    few brokers alone , mt4 platform is easy method to trade and close and open

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