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Thread: Best mt5 indicator that help nrw trader...

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    i think that knowledge and skills that will help you trade in the market and make good amount of money manual trading is the best way to get more out of this business and not with indicator. According to my experience some of indicator's are very helpful and moving average, macd, bollinger these are top of them and You can also use fibo lines but its better to use RSI because its easy and simple.

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    the best indicator that the trader will not find and so the trader needs to try himself as this will help to get better background about the function of these indicators and its working If we want its indicator files then we must need pay big money for it. So its better to use meta trader 4 if you want to use indicators and meta trader 5 use if you want trade with your own knowledge and skills.

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    i am not a new trader or not a very old trader but i am new with roboforex. i am not familiar with indicators too much but you can use RSI because i am learning it and it is good, someone told me to use it and it is second indicator which i am learning but it is best of both so you should try it must i hope it will help you

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    I think indicators are same in the meta trader 4 platform and meta trader 5 platform. Their costumes indicators are always be same because its not possible to change in indicators. Its true that some new indicators are introduce in meta trader 5 platform but traders are not like it because meta trader 4 is best platform for trading and its indicators are also best if we are compare then to the meta trader 4 custom indicators.

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    Probably what you need is an important , but the importance is knowing how to trade and how to succeed in the trade, not only by relying on an indicator but on a way or strategy and management Of the capital .Success is not based on indicator but success is understanding the type of trading and using the indicator in a perfect time

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    Hello, trader today I want to know about a best indicator which in MT5 have helped new trader like me. though I use mt4 al the time but now I want to introduced with mt5.
    Meta trader 5 more user friendly, i think. If you using many indicators in Meta Trader 4 before, you can to add indicators that you used in application Meta Trader 5. It is same too like at meta trader 4. Except, you make indicators with script by programmer, that it is some different the language programming between meta trader 5 and meta trader 4.
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    I use mt4 when it's come to indicator because am not too familiar with the technical indicators in mt5, though I no there won't be much different concerning those indicators in mt4 and mt5 both indicators will work almost the same way but I still prefer to make use of what I have much better experience on than using what I don't really no much about that's why I use the mt4 platform when am about trading with technical indicators.

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    MT5 is a really good index which helps trade! Before you use MT5, you have to get the knowledge of practice. Yes, it is very important for every trader that he must first learn, because without learning the basic key to achieving education, you will not be able to earn profitable benefits and this can not be a successful businessman, so before starting a real trade business, you have to learn first ... without data we are nothing

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    efore use MT5 YOU Should get practice knowledge...Yes it is very necessary for every trader that he must learn first the start earn
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