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    cTrader Mobile terminal

    CTrader Mobile
    — is a portable version of cTrader, using which you can trade on your mobile device. Its main advantage is that there’s no need to install any special software – to start working all you need to do is to launch a browser and go to the following address:

    NOTE: cTrader Mobile currently works only with Chrome and Safari.
    cTrader Mobile main features:

    • Opening, closing, and modifying orders;
    • Suitable for Safari running under iOs and Chrome under Android systems;
    • Charts of all available instruments;
    • A single account for all cTrader trading platforms.

    More about cTrader Mobile
    cTrader Mobile has the following advantages and features:

    • Immediate order execution using STP technology;
    • High functionality;
    • Easy to use;
    • No need to install the terminal.

    All these features provide each trader with an excellent opportunity to operate their RoboForex ECN-accounts from anywhere in the world at any convenient time.

    Supported languages
    cTrader Mobile terminal is available in such languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese.

    Additional conditions:

    Supported browsers: Chrome, Safari.

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    that is a cool platform for Fx trading and stocks trading because it is so fast in open orders and exit it so i think it is the best choice for scalpers traders for any market so i like it so much and trading from your mobile will be the best choice for us as a traders .

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    It s a good trading system. This trading system is so first and mobile trade is so good. This sell and buy system is so first. So choose this platform is very good and wonderful. It is best for scalping. Sometimes scalping gives us huge profit. I am proudful for join this platform.

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    For slow Internet users this platform can't work perfectly for them cause a Web trader like this need a stable Internet connection in order to work well, I just try to open the platform but it take too many minutes to load this is probably because my Internet connection is low, well I still have mt4 that I can trade with even with a sloe Internet connectivity.

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    There is a difference between ctrader and the mobile trading you have to know that when you have or when you compare the the two you have to notice that mobile trading you have download the mobile one on your your phone and the ctrader you just have to login and trade from your web

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    thanks for sharing these useful informations about ctraader terminal of the mobile, and it will be of great help for the traders that want to trade with it on the mobile, this platform is good and started to be widely use by the traders because it is good for trading and smooth and also the trader can open and close and modify the orders fast.

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    ctrader is very popular in the world , Now ctrader platform introduced in the mobile phone which is very amazing and useful for the mobile user I also like trading with mobile phone.

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    Hello sir, this trading platform can't to open in my android smartphone, i have installed chrome browser in my smartphone, but when i wan't to open the ctrader page i get any problem that says my browser is not supported. even though I've been using Chrome browser as your infiltration above. please give a little explanation for this problem.

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    C trader is good platform. I used C trader web terminal for windows only and never use the C trader of mobile version because I do not know that C trader mobile version is released. Now I see your snapshots on this thread that C trader is look very cool terminal. I like it a lot and must used it now in my mobile trading.

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    Ctrader for mobile is available as a downloadable app and also, it is available online as a web trader, ctrader is a very great platform, through I haven't use it for live trading before but only for demo trading but I like the speed of the execution. But the disadvantage of ctrader mobile is the absence of indicators, indicators can only be accessible on desktop version
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