cTrader Web: the direct access to the Forex market in your browser
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Thread: cTrader Web: the direct access to the Forex market in your browser

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    cTrader Web: the direct access to the Forex market in your browser

    cTrader Web
    – is a fully functional version of cTrader terminal, created to get an access to international currency market by NDD technology using any Internet browser.

    cTrader Web has all functional features of cTrader platform: immediate order execution using NDD technology, one-click trading, transparent pricing with the ability to view Market Depth. You can use all these advantages from anywhere in the world.
    The platform is ready to use and requires no additional download and installation. You can use the terminal from any PC or mobile device with an Internet access. cTrader Web is available not only for users of the Windows operating system, but for those who prefer Mac OS and Linux as well.
    To start working with the terminal, just insert the following address in your browser:

    NOTE: you can’t open a new trading account in terminal. If you want to register a new trading account for cTrader platform, you have to do that from your RoboForex Members Area.

    cTrader Web advantages:

    • Access to your account from anywhere in the world, without downloading and installing the terminal, using any device connected to the Internet.
    • One trading account for all platforms: cTrader, cTrader Web, cTrader Mobile Web.
    • Immediate order execution using STP technology.
    • Wide range of functional capabilities and analytical tools.
    • Simplicity and usability, «intuitive» interface.
    • Transparency: access to «Market depth», quotes Level 2.
    • One Click Trading
    • Compatible with all popular browsers.
    • Create and save customized templates with your personal preferences for future use (using cTrader ID).

    cTrader Web trading features

    • An opportunity to open several charts at the same time.
    • Wide range of analytical tools, timeframes, and integrated indicators.
    • Ability to perform technical analysis.
    • Различные типы ордеров.
    • Different order types.
    • Extended character display.
    • Real-time reports. Отчёты в режиме реального времени. Event log (closed orders, currency transactions and Real-time statement about profit and loss in "History" tab. Ability to view made transactions on instrument charts
    • Ability to customize user's working space in Free Charts mode.

    Supported languages

    Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese.

    Operating system requirements: supported internet browser Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or IE 9+.
    Examples of cTrader platform interface:

    IMG1.jpg IMG2.jpg

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    One thing that I have come to like about this platform is that the many accounts that are in your platform AL of them you can just login at one time at a go you have to make you have a password for each trading is something you can do very easily it's fast to execute

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    These is an amIszing platform we have the best platform that can be accessed at the same time in these platform and to me these is good because it makes it better for us to run the market with a hawk Eye making it really beneficial in all cases

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    it is good to find that ctrader is on web browser and so we do not need to install the application and we can trade directly from the browser, and this is good that the ctrader of the browser is fully functioning, ctrader charactrized by fast opening and closing orders and as there is no requotes and so this will help to make trading is more smooth.

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    i think this a real ecn platform all over the world so like to trade using it so much in order to enter the market in a real time and also to scalp some trades and make some nice and fast profits so i like this platform for daily trading or even long term trading so like this type of platform that is allow all traders to trade like pro .

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    ctrader is also too modern type of trading, wherever we are we can trade any time from any where we can trade from any where and we can see the current condition of market ,ctrader is the easy way to trade in forex trading market.

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    C trader platform is very good and reliable. Robo forex all trading tolls are very good. I use c Trader only one time when i join its contest about a year ago. i trade on it and find that its really helpful easy understand its tools. its chart are so much attractive in which we can find easily market trend. We can use its on our browser that make its so simple for us.

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    cTrader can access on your web browser very fast and easily.. even fast execution and i prefer to all pairs Major, Cross and even Stock on your web. and easily you can use all metals and even you can doing everything on your cTrader very easily. and you can working on the web trader .. this is very good plat form and you can use all features on the web. ctrader is providing to you CFD's on your browser and all stocks.

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    ctrader web is another good option for trading for the traders to choose between the different platforms of trading to choose the proper for them, the trader needs to test all of them then choose the best for him, ctrader for the web is good and easy to use and let the traders to trade with rapid and smooth operations all time.

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    ctrader web is a good feature of ctrader platform, it is a very fast way to access the platform if you don't have the software installed directly in your computer or if you are to use a Mac, unlike the metatrader, ctrader develops and runs their own web trading platform but with metatrader, it is the broker that develops and run them
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