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    If you remembered clearly with my yesterday analysis, you will realized that i made mention of the 200SMA stopping GBPAUD from falling further, this effect is now more materializing today, with further price action pattern that is bullish on this pair. Therefore, the bias on GBPAUD remains bullish, traders should look for every possible means to buy this pair, this will go on till next week. Good luck!


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    [lang=ar]i think that the GBPAUD pair is going to raise quickly , why? there is divergence on thee cci and pair is showing bullish price action on the level we can see , also we can see weakness in the bearish trend , so we can buy the pair with stop loss at 1.7760

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    GBPAUD techniqually have broke down an uptrend with small retest for the zone and created a supply demand with retest for the zone and not going down from this zone GBPAUD got more than one take profit (1.7230-1.6500-1.6300) .

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    [lang=ar]GBP / AUD On the daily Frims chart we notice that it broke a bullish trend and re-tested it with the expectation that it will be a classical pattern head and shoulders so it is for sale until the resistance levels at 1.73400 and the pattern is completed and broken we will see lower targets.


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    I like to alert traders when i see some emerging market, and on GBPAUD on the 4 hours time frame, the market price is staying well above 200SMA and trendline level which is painted in red colour. Also, i am now carefully watching what the market will do with Ichimoku cloud. If the market could purposeful break above and stay on top of the Ichimoku cloud at 1.84303, it will target 1.86957 (Green horizontal line on the chart) with full speed.

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    Throughout today the Australian dollar as been stronger than the pounds and this might continue to remain the case for as long as issues as it regards brexit remains uncertain (whether a deal will be reached on brexit or not) and also how quickly such deal could be reached. However we may experience spikes up from time to time as the negotiations continue into reaching a deal for the terms of exit from eurozone

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    i am watching market still in the bear as gbp is still in the pressure due to fundamentally impact how ever technically it will touch the support on chart pattern and than it can start bull market but gbp is still in pressure but it will surely bull :)

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    Hello guys, i hope your weekend is going on fine? I have seen good trading opportunity on GBPAUD, if it works, it will yield massive income for traders. On the daily chart above, the market price was rejected exactly at the point of 200SMA, and that causes the bollinger band's lower band to repel the market price in addition, and the market price is now staying well above the 200SMA and the lower band of bollinger bands indicator. This means a bullish signal as long as the support level at 1.78605 (Level of 200SMA on daily chart) is intact, and the market was able to break 1.80931 (Peak of Thursday). The market will now target 1.87330 (Upper band of bollinger bands).

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    h4 timeframe :
    gbpaud is totally bearish now a day and i am not finding any support till now how ever market is trying to make a small support at the point where market is still there how ever market will be bear untill it will get any good news from gbp or bad news from aud else it will beah again ..

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    GBP/AUD rose during the Asian period on Thursday for the third consecutive day following the economic developments and data they followed on the Australian economy and the negative data released today. The pair rose near the main downward trend levels and the upper limit of the price channel on the Rim Daily, where the pair wore a 4-hour reflective candle, expecting the pair to fall back downwards to target 1.7500 levels and then 1.7380


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