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    GBPCAD TimeFrame: 1 HOURS
    Trend reference: MOVING AVERAGE PERIOD 8
    Reference direction: MOVING AVERAGE PERIOD 200
    Taking into account the candle position of the moving average used, the price is currently in the condition: Below MA8 Below the MA200
    The conclusion of the current trend is the price is in condition: DOWN

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    GBPCAD TimeFrame: 1 HOURS
    Acuan direction: MOVING AVERAGE PERIODE 200
    Dengan memperhatikan Posisi candle terhadap moving average yg di gunakan, saat ini harga berada di kondisi : Di bawah MA8 Di bawah MA200
    Kesimpulan trend saat ini adalah harga sedang dalam kondisi: DOWN

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    Prices are below the daily pivot 1.6750.

    The small MA is below the large MA, the price is between the two MAs.

    The price forecast will be bearish, but retrace will occur first with the initial Support 1 target.

    Possible to penetrate up to Support 2.

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    Parabolic SAR and RSI are currently showing a downward trend.

    Prices are below the MA.

    The trend is down and is likely to continue the trend.

    Stop loss around MA.

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    The opening price is below the 1.6619 pivot which indicates a downtrend.
    The MACD Histogram is below the zero level.
    Indicator Parabolic SAR (step 0.02, max 0.2) indicates the price is heading down.

    Trading recommendations: Sell.
    TP: At the support level.
    SL: One level above the entry point.

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