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    Rules and requirements

    We are not limiting you in posting, but we suggest you to follow structure below for the sake of efficiency of this process.
    Rules of this branch are the same as for other Forum branches.

    Nevetheless, if you follow structure below, it would be beneficial for everybody:

    "Trading plan" post:

    In the first post it’s necessary to describe your trading plan. It might not be necessarily strict rules, but we want to hear about your approach to trading. Below are some examples of elements of your trading plan:

    (Warning! Don't copypast those examples, it's just an example of trading plan, you should write your own trading plan)

    1. Your trading style:

    Example: «I’m trend-following swing trader, capturing 2 – 20 days swings. Most of the time I’m fading pullbacks to primary trend. Identifying important level of support or resistance, I enter the market in the direction of the primary trend»

    2. Your trading method:

    Example: «I employ 4-hour charts to identify primary trend, using 2 MAs with X and Y parameters, MACD to estimate momentum, and RSI to find possible end of correctional move. When RSI will exit oversold/overbought area or show divergence, I will enter the market»

    3. Your money and position management rules:

    Example: «I divide positions on 2 parts: 1/3 and 2/3 of the whole volume (risking 1-3% of trading capital on overall position). Then I close 1/3 on the first target – usually within trading range. I don’t set stop-loss for second position to «breakeven». Second part of my position I close on 2nd target, identifying it with Fibo levels or I will exit with trailing stop if market is strong»

    4. Your objectives:

    Example: «I want to improve my trade selection»
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    Trades description post:

    It’s recommended to post at least once a day to keep regularity in this process. You can describe your trades at the end of the day or your resting orders.

    Example: «Today sell stop was executed with stop at X and target at Y»

    If you haven’t made any trades, you may simply post: «Nothing interesting today, I’m staying off the market».

    Screenshot is required. Example:


    Your trade description posts should contain information about your trading, not about just your opinion on markets. If you want solely to improve your analytical (not trading) skills, there are others threads of the Forum.

    Analysis and conclusions:

    In your trade description post, it’s important to make analysis and conclusions. What have you done right? What was wrong? What do you need to do more in future? What do you need to avoid?

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    In posts-commentaries you may analyze your trading for the previous week or month in free writing mode or respond other forum members. But try to avoid irrelevant conversations – you can use other threads of the forum if you want to just chat and relax.

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