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Thread: Very Simple Strategy For Beginners

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    We must make the stronger strategies and if a new trader come with the stronger methods then they can easily avail the chances to win the maximum profit rates because the stronger strategies are useful to continue the way of success without any troubles in it and we will gain success accurately by selecting the better working systems to trade on them in thn erect manners which essential for getting the positive earning with avail maximum chances of success .

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    The simple trading method that we want to make use of in forex trading market, we need to use the demo account to learn it. Because there is no trading strategy in forex trading that gets to be effective without the use of the learning and then the demo trading account. There are a lot of trading strategy that we can make use of. But without the basic good knowledge the beginners will find it hard.

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    Yes so those with deeper understanding can find some strategy simple and those at novice stages might consider the same one as complex. So apart from keeping things simple we should not compromise on the strength of our strategy, I mean it should be able to give us strong signals. We have to start with basics and go into enough advance learning that can help us to trade and earn in a smooth and stress free way.

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    First thing first is that the beginner trader should always follow the right trading method for them. The beginner should know that when they start newly in the business, it will be hard for them to earn money from the business. But then, they have to forget about the earning aspect and then focus on how they can get the appropriate trading strategy and have the perception of forex trading being like other business and they need to learn.

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    One who is still new in the market should take the trading business slow and steady and not to trade with the way so many newbies has been trading which has got them to loss their money. Traders that wants to earn money from the market should take the gradual trading process. Learn from the understand of support and resistance pattern.

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    Most of newbie traders think about the development of their own trading strategy as about something very difficult, but to my mind this issue is very controversial. For sure, it is not so easy to create a strategy that would be consistently profitable for relatively long period of time. First of all it is important to understand that not every idea could be turned into strategy even if it looks very interesting from the first sight. This could hapen for many reasons: the pattern in is built on occure quite rarely, or it is difficult to distinguish them and avoid false signals, or it could even requre so many trades that high broker`s fees influence its performance, as it often happens with scalping strategies requiring dozen trades per day with relatively small profit potential - in case of high fees such strategy could underperform or even generate losses while being profitable itself. By the way, it is important to backtest strategies to evaluate their performance. Nowadays it is quite easy due to special tools like Forex Tester allowing to perform automated backtesting using historical data just in a few minutes. Actually, backtesting is one of the most powerful approaches to speed up the process of strategy development.
    Even if the strategy is profitable, trader should remember that markets could change due to their nature. These changes could lead to the situations when the strategies that were profitable before become losing, so it is important to analyse the performance of the strategy to be able to make amendments necessary to keep it profitable under new trading conitions.

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    It is really a great strategy and I think new traders should start with such strategies that they can take an easy start. New traders should have their main focus on their survival and they must have a planning for each and every trade. the most common problem for the new traders is the high risk trading and emotional behaviour and I think they must need to learn that how to overcome the emotional behaviour and to trade more and more effectively in order to remain in business for long time and it is the only way to make our career in this field.

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    The indicators what you talking about a simple strategy for me, this is not simple but too much indicator used. For me very simple strategy enough using candle pattern and using line or trend lines. And following the news release as fundamental in choosing frame work when trading. This is more acceptable for me and enjoy in long time trading.
    Trade with your eyes and not trading with what you wish impossible

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