hello fellow traders,

first of all, i would like to write many thanks for allowing me to create a thread and follow this great contest. as i remembered, this is my second contest in this forum and i'm gonna make things worked and explained well here. may the best wins.

let's just straight to the point, according to the rules of the contest, we must give some explanations to help beginners in this forum out of their problems. i've got few ideas about it and please allow me to explain the very basic things we should knows about this forum, forex, and stuffs. i'll separate the questions in few points, they are:

1. Why should I choose RoboForex as my trusted broker?
2. Where can I find some analysis from RoboForex?
3. What is Forex Economic Calendar and how does it work?

1. Why should I choose RoboForex as my trusted broker?

this is the first question that comes to me when my friends introduced me to this broker. "why RoboForex? why not any others? what benefits i can get by registering myself as its client?" these questions came to my head and one of my friend told me one simple sentence "you'll figure it out by yourself later". soon after that, i was starting my research of RoboForex and information about it in many sites, and finally found the link to the website.

based on my story, at first i thought this in my mind "well, the looks just like any other brokers i guess, no special things here". but, after reading all the benefits and advantages of becoming a client in this broker, i decided to register as a client. that time, i knew and realize that this broker will help me out of my forex troubles, especially it had a forum. i couldn't exactly remember all informations i got in the site when i was registering in this broker in 2013, but here i'll give the current reasons why we should choose RoboForex as our trusted broker. here's the link and the screenshots below.

2. Where can I find some analysis from RoboForex?

i'm sure that we all already knew that a broker must have their analysis based on their expert analytic. but my friend told me that RoboForex analysis is better and has good accuracy to apply in our trading, it's about 80%. and the best thing is, RoboForex has so many different methods of analysis with different pairs and currencies, especially the major one such as EURUSD and GBPUSD. this is one of the best thing i've ever known in RoboForex. personally, everyday i prefer to look up at the Forex forecasts and analysis section. it's because i can see may methods of analysis and it's detailed. i also can learn from them. looking for the websites? yes, you can find it here and i also add some screenshots below to show the looks of the sites.

3. What is Forex Economic Calendar and how does it work?

Forex Economic Calendar is a calendar in the form of tables that show economic news overseas in general that affects the price movement of a currency pair from the related countries. The influence of the news of the price movement can have a big impact, medium, or small depending on the type and the results from the published news. By getting the information, we as forex traders will be helped to make a decision to trade and gain profit. go here and see the calendar.

another questions should came out after seeing this. "why there are so many countries and currencies to see? i only trade in EURUSD and i only want to see the news only from Euro Nations and US. how can i do that?". here's the detail how to set the calendar with our current time zone, countries or currencies to trade, and even the impact to choose.

[-] to change the time zone, follow these steps:
- click on the time zone,
- choose your time zone and click it, alternatively you can click the Detect timezone. system will automatically match your current time in your PC with the calendar.

[-] to set the countries, volatility levels, and news categories, follow these steps:
- click on the Filter,
- when a box is scrolling down, you can see them all. simply check the things you want to see in every sections and disable the rest, if you don't want them.
- when you're done, click the Filter Results. otherwise, if you restart or cancel the filtering, click Reset defaults.

okay then, i think that's all i wanted to share. hope this information helps many beginners to decide which broker to choose and the explanation of forex analysis from RoboForex. please leave any critics and suggestion about my thread. thanks for your time reading this thread. good luck to you all people.