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Thread: How to Open a Forex Trading Account?

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    This contest is going to finish today, and I am very thankful for those who give their valuable time for my thread. Thanks everyone. Have a good day.

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    A thread like this might look unnecessary to the experienced traders but those who are fresh traders just coming on board, a thread like this is a great asset , I don't think any thread can be termed as being useless. I want to believe that someone must have learned something in this thread and the purpose of this thread is to spread knowledge and experience. I would like to say a big thank you to the owner of this thread who has the concern of the beginner traders in mind.The only thing you left out is how to get account verification done.

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    For newbies they will find no reason to be confused on having a forex account after going through this thread. This is a good way they can start forex and have a process that will enable them to start up trading this business. For me I might have passed this stage but beginners will always source for this information to help understand how to go about opening an account.

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    Opening a trading account is not really that hard, what is hard is making sure that the amount of money we have invested into it, goes a long way. Furthermore so many of us already know how to open a trading account but then only few of us knows how to make good use of the money we have invested in the account.

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    Let me say a big than you for sharing this though someone must have been blessed in one way or the other from your thread but I think the process of account opening is not any newbie should have problems with and if anything is not clear, the live support department can be contacted. The only addition I would like to add which is missing out is that anyone who wishes to open account with Roboforex to read through the terms and conditions of services and see whether he is comfortable with them or not

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    Opening a trading account is not that hard, at least I have experienced it with roboforex, where we will be needing some work is getting our account verified and then at the same time, getting funds to invest in our account and then trading the right way to increase our investment and become successful.

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    This kind of thread was not at all needed I think because opening trading account is so easy that even a 5 yr old child can do it. However the awareness about forex trading is increasing day by day. Traders whenever they get profits do tell their friends, relatives and colleagues about this good opportunity because they want their close ones to also get benefit.

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    Newbies looking to open an account with roboforex can choose from the list of account roboforex offers and sign up for one. It's a good broker we can deal with and once an account is created, an account number and password will be generated for us which is what we will use to login into the mt4 or mt5 platform so we can be able to trade and make good profitable trade from this trade.

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    yes opening a account is simple, but we need orignal documents for verification, just go on the site of broker, open a account and give the all information accurate, after this upload the documents and wait for some time, roboforex is best for us because it is fast in responce and its services are really best, i have checked and will work here forever

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    Quote Originally Posted by shambca7 View Post
    First of all I want to say a very big thank to Robo forex forex admin and moderators for brining back one more nice contest for forum members. This is seeming a different contest and better one because this is related to the Novice trader.There is nothing better than robo forex forum because they know very well that what a trader is demanding in forex market, I am not talking about the current contests, there were so many contests in the past and those were also related to the trader development,I Hope from this contest they will able to gain good information or education about the forex trading market. I would also request all the contest participants to give their best here because this is the contest which can change the life of many new forex traders.

    Forex trader's are unlimited in this business of forex and so many of them don't have the exact information about the business even most of them don't have any idea that how they have to start with the basics. I have seen that many of them start the real trading without knowing about the basics of the market it could happen due to lack of knowledge in forex. So today I want to discuss about the two main important subjects of the forex market and those are very essential to know before venturing in real trading account and I hope after learning these points new forex trader's will able to take their decisions smartly about the forex trading. Those subjects are as follow:

    1. How to Open a Forex Trading Account?

    2. What is the minimum deposit in Robo forex?

    1. How to open a Forex Trading Account?

    This is a very common question that how we have to open a forex trading account? Almost all new forex trader's have always a doubt in mind that how they can open a forex trading account in forex. Many of them search a lot on net about it but the choice become the main problem for them after that, because our searching would open a whole list of brokers and it will not be easy to choose a better broker from it. So I believe that only opening a trading account is not enough at all first of all we have to understand that which kind of regulation a broker have, we have to also understand it private policies along with some other options like its support, popularity etc. After knowing about these things we can open a trading account with the broker. There is a process which we have to follow to complete the registration with a broker. To make this post more attractive I would like to add some screenshots along with the process description and I hope that those will help new comer's to understand the process of opening an account with broker.

    Now here one thing is also important to understand that Demo trading account and Real trading account are not same, Demo trading account can be only used for the practicing,testing, experimenting things in forex market, You will able to do trade with virtual money and in this account you are not taking any risk of your own real capital.

    Furthermore Real trading account is related to the real forex market transactions and The money deposited in this account will be real not virtual.

    The process of Opening a Real trading account with Robo Forex Broker:
    Guys there are so many forex trading brokers in the world but I would suggest you to go with Robo Forex Broker because its well reputated and regulated in forex trading market industry. First of all for opening a real trading account you have to simple registration your account with Robo Forex Broker. For that you have to simple visit the website and have to follow the process given below:

    1. Click on the open live account or Registration shows as in the image given below: As you can see that you can directly register with broker by clicking on registration link or open a life account link shown in the website. Just click on it and wait for the next page.

    Attachment 13706

    2. Fill the registration forum: This is your second page and here you have to fill up the forum as you can see that you have till up your Email id that you want to register with robo forex broker, your first name, last name, mobile number, age. terms and conditions.You will recieve and sms for mobile number confirmationon on your mobile, mail and you have to put that sms number in your registration page

    Attachment 13707

    3. After submiting the registration page you will redirectly loaded to the account opening page, but make sure that you are saving your member area log in details properly as you can see in the picture that you have to save your Email id, member area password, phone number, phone pass.

    Attachment 13708

    Because without this yout can't login to your member area. Beside of it for creating a real trading account you have to choose the real trading account option and have to fill up the form, even you can try the demo trading account option to start with demo learning of market without investing any real money from your pocket. Along with it choose the MT4 in form during registration. Meta trader 4 is a very popular trading terminal so start with it.

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    its your own choice that what type of account you create with robo forex broker. Regarding the real trading account there are so many options out there like pro cent account, pro standard, pro cent fixed etc. I would suggest you to start with Pro cent account in starting.

    Just fill up the whole forum and after that you can click on the confirm page. After clicking on confirm you will get all of your real trading account details. Just make a screenshot of it and save it to your computer hard drive.

    Attachment 13710

    Your real account detail will help you to do trade in live forex trading market later with mt4 trading terminal. You have put real trading account information in your mt4 software to start real trading account in forex market.

    2. What is the Minimum Deposit in Robo Forex?

    As we know that Robo Forex Broker have so many kinds of Payment Processors and Minimum deposit is not fixed for payment processors, To understand about the whole concept of minimum deposit, we have to understand all the payment processors step by step, Because this is also important to know that which kind of method you are using to invest money in robo forex broker. As far I know Electronic Payments methods are very popular in forex market and trader's are using them regularly in this business. But its important to check that which payment processor is suitable for us, Make sure that we are dealing with good payment processor so that we can encash our money on time.

    Personally I have some experience with Neteller, Skrill, deposit with Robo Forex Broker but I will try to give my best regarding the explaining of whole list of depositing payment methods of Robo Forex Broker. The payment methods of depositing are as follows:

    Electronic Payment Methods:

    1. Neteller: This is a very popular payment method named Neteller. The minimum deposit that can we do with this payment processor is 5 USD. We need at least at least 5 USD to invest our Robo forex real trading account with Neteller Electronic Payment system. Most of my friends are using Neteller to fund their robo forex trading account in forex market.

    2. Skrill: This is also a good payment processor to deposit our money in Robo Forex Broker, The goodwill of Skrill Electronic Payment method is also very high and there are a lot of users of Skill in this industry of forex. The minimum Deposit with Skrill is 10 USD.

    3. Alipay: Alipay is an electronic payment processor and the minimum amount of deposit with it is 10 USD.

    4. Epayments: Epayments Electornic Payment processor can be used to fund in robo forex broker and the minimum deposit amount will be 10 USD.

    5. Qiwi Wallet: Minimum deposit by Qiwi Wallet in Robo Forex Broker is 0.03 USD

    6. Fasapay: Trader's can also use the Payment process Fasapay to fund their account in robo forex broker. The minimum deposit will be 10 USD.

    Bank Payments:

    1. Bank Transfter: Trader's can also fund their Robo forex tradnig account from the bank transfer option. This is good for them because many of them don't want to use Electronic Payment processors for funding and they want to directly deal with their bank account. The minimum deposit through Bank transfer option will be 500 USD.

    2. POLi (Australia)Poli Internet Banking: Poli Internet Deposit payment method can be used to fund our Robo forex trading account and the Minimum deposit is 10 USD.

    3. Teleingreso (Spain): Teleingreso Bank payments can be also used to fund our Real trading account and we have to deposit at least 10 Euro to fund it with Teleingreso Bank payments.

    Bank Card:

    As we know that its hard for all trader's to deal with electronic payment methods and that's why robo forex broker is giving the facilitiy of Bank Card Payment facility to its clients. Trader's can directly fund their trading account with their bank card, there are following three types of bank cards those can be used to fund our real trading account.

    1. Visa/Master: All we know that Visa/Mastercard is very popular way to deposit our fund in Robo forex broker trading account. The minimum deposit is 10 USD.

    2. Payoneer: The payoneer bank card can also be used to fund our real trading account in robo forex broker. The minimum amount that we can deposit with this Card is 30 USD.

    3. China Union Pay: China Union Pay card is also one another option that can be use to fund our trading account. The minimum deposit amount is 50 CNY.

    For more information trader's can visit the robo forex broker official website and by clicking on deposit and withdrawl option they will automatically come to know that how much minimum amount they can invest in Robo Forex broker with those listed payment processors.

    Attachment 13711

    Attachment 13712

    This can be also discussed with robo forex broker live chat service that how much minimum deposit we can make in robo forex broker.

    There is one more important thing that trader's have to choose the payment method very carefully because the withdrawal they have to take in the same. They can use differ payment methods to deposit and withdrawal. For example if you are funding your trading account with Neteller then you can only use the Neteller payment method to withraw your profit or money. You can't take withdrawal in other payment processors.

    Hope you all have enjoyed your time with my thread, Have a Great day.
    it's not big deal to open an account the trader should have good knoweldge about broker if he does not have knoweldge then he need to consult form someone who can teach him that what to do and where he can open his new account i would suggest him to open an acocunt with roboforex there he can get's lot's of facilities regarding learning and earing.

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