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Thread: Price action basics. Part 5

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    Quote Originally Posted by MIGHTYRAMESH View Post
    hen we have more buyers we have an uptrend and vice versa.
    What if more buyers are from retail traders, And few sellers but from institutions and big players, then what will happen to the market? If the volume of buyers less than volume of sellers then the market will fall down although the buyers is more than sellers. I guess this is not about how many buyers and how many sellers, but how much trading volume. but... cmiiw...

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    One of the presumptions of technical analysis is that the value moves in trends. We should discover progressively about these trends. A trend is the general heading of the cost of advantage available. In the event that you take a gander at an outline of any budgetary instrument, you will see that price never move in straight lines, they are comprised of a progression of highs and lows. As a rule, a cost has an upward or descending predisposition.

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