My Trading Analysis for Currencies and Futures
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Thread: My Trading Analysis for Currencies and Futures

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    My Trading Analysis for Currencies and Futures

    Uptrend is still intact in a triangle configuration. It should continue to rally to 1.3604 or 1.3622 if support around 1.3564 hold. After which a pullback to 1.3564 - 1.3542 zone is possible.

    Market should hold major support at 131.14 before rising towards 132.75 or even 133.30 limit.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Gold CPM 1309

    Buy at / above: 1314.0625 Targets: 1322.4791 --- 1331.5839 --- 1340.7199 --- 1349.8872
    Stoploss : 1305.0156

    Sell at / below: 1305.0156 Targets: 1296.6480 --- 1287.6591 --- 1278.7015 --- 1269.7752
    Stoploss : 1314.0625

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    i thin EUR/USD will meet the high at 1.3640 an as low as 1.3560

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    #EURUSD US Dollar remains weak on expanded government shutdown. that can lead the USD to Default.I also suggested for monday morning to sell EUR/USD from the opening price with stops at 1.3635. and with the target of 1.3450 .
    #EURJPY is also on selling mode and it may be touch the 130 area next weak.

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    these trade analysis are old we should try to always update out trade analysis if we really want the culture of effective market analysis to continue to thrive in this great forum because there are many traders who can not do an effective market analysis so tey all look up to us and they want to get more from us.

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    these business research are old we should try to always upgrade out business research if we really want the lifestyle of efficient industry research to keep flourish in this excellent community because there are many investors who can not do an efficient industry research so tey all look up to us and they want to get more from us.

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    sir please provide the details on daily basis so that the newbies like me can trade with your recommendations and earn some money but it will be better if you attach the chart along with recommendations so that we can learn the things along with earnings.

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    It would really a good and great development if you create a thread where you will be updating your trade analysis for people in the house to consider . The one you gave last is already overdue and there is nothing to comment or learn from it. Thisforum brings a lot of traders together wtwith a view to helping one another.

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    I think now there is good chance in sell in eurusd and gbp usd. Both eurusd and gbpusd are in strong resistance and the economic news of eur and usd aren't coming positive. Euro had some chance of cutting interest rate a slight and for bad economic data this chance will increase more. So i see there's a good chance of sell in eurusd and gbpusd. And usdchf is also a good buy for similar reasons being on a support and strength of chf against euro.

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    EURUSD is fluctuating between 1.368 and 1.372 for a long time and there is no change in the numbers. I hope to see the price increasing till atleast 1.38 in the next week so that it will be more profitable for traders who have invested money in this currency pair.

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    dear sit thanks for inform us about this important thing. carry on. best of luck

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