Must have a university education to be successful in forex?
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Thread: Must have a university education to be successful in forex?

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    Post Must have a university education to be successful in forex?

    Do you think you must have a high university education to be a successful forex trader or you can become successful on your own way?

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    My dear friend that's not necessary in this business if you have a very good English knowledge and you are more than 18 years old you can join this business and can do trade in the market without any restriction so I think that much education is not necessary here

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    We are not going to become any lecturer in any University where Top University education with 1st class degree are needed. We are going to make forex trade where moderate education having skill in English and computer operation can be enough to start forex trade and becoming profitable.

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    It seems not, because university education like no one gives a lesson specifically on forex. But many people also say that forex trading is one of the educational part of the economy, but also of economic education is not to learn the details about forex trading.

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    to be able to get a consistent profit in forex trading we do not have to learn a lot of knowledge in universities in other places that we can get, after all that important in my opinion is a lot of practice and a lot of learning and of course everyone can master the forex trading if you want to try and pray should not be considered lightly

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    There is absolutely no need to have any university qualification or education before you can trade forex. Any adult who can learn how to trade and has the capital to deposit in any forex broker can surely become a trader in the forex trading market

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    I wouldn't totally agree with you,haven't you come across a business tycoon who bearly have a formal education but employees graduates and professors,most success and invention is based on the individuals zeal and dertamination to over come all challenges and improve on his or her application or learn from his or her experience and mistakes.An educational background has little or no influence in our success career.

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    In my opinion to be a trader in Forex market you don't need to be university degree .All you need love the Forex and love reading about the world economic and practice a lot in demo account and try to know your weak points in the demo account and try to make it strong points.

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    No i don't think so that we need any type of university education to become successful trader in Forex.I think forex is a very simple and interesting business business which include some certain Knowledge and skill to trade.So,any one can trade in this business with his intelligence and can become a successful trader.

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