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    A trader should trade first with a demo account to learn the basics and skill to become a successful trader.Do you agree?

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    Yes you are saying right buddy without demo account learning no trader can't do well with the real market trading so its very necessary that we should have full concentration at the time of learning within demo account otherwise it could be problem in near future with real trading

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    demo one of the best for you to learn forex trade and by the demo you will be make you success on the forex trade and if you want to learn forex trade then you can start trade by the demo and this is the best one for make skill b the demo practice and by the demo you will be make you success on the forex trade

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    There is nothing better than knowing all your trading skills and plans before you enter the live trdaing, this is why i am personally saying also that you should let the demo trading rule your first trading though, you may take it for just 6 months, but the fact still remains that you will have the opportunity to learn forex patiently.

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    So far I understand that there is no alternative to become a good trader without practicing with demo. So, I am practicing with demo and able to make demo profitable. My 5000$ virtual money raised at 5600$ now. I think I am doing well in demo and hope to start trade in real account soon.

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    Of course, it is advisable for traders trading with a demo account first, so that the trader can know about the various facilities provided by the broker. Demo account also we can use to learn forex, we can test a strategy without risk, and kiita can also learn about forex robots.

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    martyn, demo account is a good way to start before in a real account because we have to do for make experiment first before we actually focus on real account , after we make sure we do it well then we can move it in real to get real test of our performance in real account

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    It is certainly very true that every forex trader must begin their trading from the practice account to indeed learn the basics of how to trade and to also learn how to use technical indicators. Any forex trader that avoid trading with pactice account will not be able to trade successfully in forex trading

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    Yes dear we must have to start with demo because it is the most important account for us. By practicing in demo account again and again then we can able to make a new trading system and by which we can able to earn more and more money in this business so demo is the good account for us.

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    yes i am because demo is great opportunity of learning we can learn reading charts, using indicators and EA. with demo account with out any risk we learn placing orders and stp and tp, we can make good experience with demo in my opinion demo is necessary for newbies.

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