Introduction: First and foremost, i have being hearing some traders that are talking about luck in the market, and most times, my instincts says otherwise to what they normally refers to. For instance, some will say they were luck on a particular trade day, while others will say that they luckily place the order and they were on the right tract. If we are asked the sincere question, what will be our true answer? Does luck really exist in trading, or it is just a propaganda or ignorant statement of traders that do not really know how the market is working and what the market stands for.

Body: I have thought well on the issue of the luck, whether it presents in the forex or not, and there is only one answer that keeps coming to my mind, and it is the fact that luck does not exit in the market, it is only a propaganda and misuse of words by traders.

Let's think of it, this is a business, we have to know it, blend it, manage it, and utilize all the skills we have to amke good success from it. Do you think luck can do all these for us? No. Luck will not do this for us because we can not gamble with our trading career. Any trader that relies on luck are gamblers, because this is what is never existing, luck does not exist. We can not see luck, we can not talk to luck, we can not manipulate luck to our favor, it is what humans believes that shows when we narrowly escapes danger in the market, will that be what you want to build your trading status with? I say No. Traders should stop this.

In my conclusion, traders should learn and have the good way to trade this market, we should be adequate to trade it and always learn more when we have issues surrounding our trading. And any trader that depends on luck are only gambling, and they can never have good results from forex trading.

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