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Thread: Why mt4 so laggy

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    I have slow internet 2g connection.Thais why i also fell mt4 is so leggy.But may be in 3g connection mt4 is not saggy.Sometimes server problem also create problem.supper fast internet connection can solve problem of Forex trading terminal.

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    According to me there is problem with your internet connection you should check with that first if you have a good online internet connection then you will face such a problem like that before I was also using slow internet connection now everything is ok because I am able to do good trading with the help of good internet connection

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    I also faced same problem when my internet connection goes slow. Specially at the pick hour in country this types of slow connection are found here.well I think when internet is slow so its mean the main cause of such problem,

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    yes brother the main problem of your terminal laggines is your internet connection if your internet connection will be slower the response will be also not good because the order get not be in time and in results your your showing will be not equal to your receiving profit so first of all you should make your internet good and faster

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    It depend on your internet connection. I never feel that mt4 is leggy. Although I have slow internet connection. But mt4 is ok for me. It is true that sometime server down or do not work. But it is not happen always.

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    that is the condition even though meta investor podium is built to assist this slowest connection to the internet, sometimes my personal connection to the internet can be so slower in which just about all app tend not to work but the only app in which operates is meta investor, and it a good deal maps and also estimates together with bare minimum interconnection in addition...

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    Indicators should, to the extent possible, provide the most direct evidence of the condition or result they are measuring. For example, if the desired result is a reduction in teen pregnancy, achievement would be best measured by an outcome indicator, such as the teen pregnancy rate.

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    This will depend in your web connection. We in no way believe mt4 is actually leggy. Even though I've sluggish web connection. However mt4 is actually okay personally. It's accurate which at some point server lower or even don't function. However it’s not occurring usually.

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    It depends upon your computer configuration, or you have installed a lot of indicators in your tab. So either delete all the custom indicators which you are not using or else upgrtade your trading system. And mostly all brokers deal with requote system when you are dealing with news.

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    I don't know what exactly do you mean by laggy but when it comes to closing trades on profit or loss. There are other factors than can affect this matter and meta4 trader has nothing to do with them. For example your internet speed and computer speed in addition toy your brokers execution speed abilities you should consider all that.

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